Forgotten Old Games – Fire Shark & Truxton

Howdy fellas! It’s me again bringing you another FOG! I must say I’m sincerely sorry about last week. I couldn’t post because of a goddamn renal calculus. As if I didn’t hate math enough! But now I’m okay so let’s get to the game!
This week I bring to you TWO Sega Genesis games. Fire Shark and Truxton.
Whoa? Two games you must be thinking. Yeah, there are 2 reasons for that (lol). First one is that I want to redeem myself for not posting last week. Second one…well THEY’RE PRETTY SIMILAR AHAHAHA!
Actually there’s a third reason. I like scrolling shooter games. Mainly because they don’t have any complex elements. And both games are exactly that. Simple and fun.


Made by Toaplan, this scrolling space shooter was originally released for the arcades  in 1988. The Sega Genesis version got out in 1989 and is pretty much the same game.
You are Tom, planet Borogo’s ace pilot. And right now you’re the only one able to stop an attack from an alien race called Gidan. They have already destroyed your planet’s cargo bay and are now getting closer. It’s time to board your Super Fighter and shoot the crap out of the alien scum.


Pew Pew Pew! Good'n old fun with the basic weapon!

The graphics are ok. Of course you can’t compare it to the arcade version. The Genesis port lost many of the details and colors. Even the background, full of animations from the arcade version, gave place to a simple static one. What a shame!

Once fully powered, the blue laser sweeps almost the entire screen.

The gameplay is simple and solid. There isn’t even an OPTIONS menu. When you press START you just get the option to choose difficulty. Commands are as following:

D-Pad: Moves Spaceship
A: Shoot
B: Bomb
C: Shoot (faster fire rate)

The green laser concentrates in a small point, but it's more powerful.

Just as any other space shooters. You have powerups. They can change your weapon to one of the three available, or raise the power of your current one. You can also pick up extra lives and extra bombs.

This is the bomb. I can't think of a more cool looking explosion than this one!

That’s it for Truxton. Now let’s talk about Fire Shark.


Released in 1990 for the arcades and Sega Genesis, this is also a Toaplan scrolling shooter. But this time we’re not quite in space are we?



Taking off!

The year is 19X9 (love those X’s). The S Corps, a corporation specialized in creating heavy weaponry, began attacking several countries. A phantom pilot flying a modified super-plane called Fire Shark is the only hope to save the world from domination.

Have we seen ths before? Nah!

As you can see, not even the cheesy plot is able to spoil the fun. Fire Shark is like a clone of Truxton, without aliens, or spaceships. Just a hell of a plane which have the same weapons from Truxton Super Ship. Coincidence? Haha!


The green lase...ok it's the SAME as in Truxton!

Nothing much to add about the gameplay. Almost the same as in Truxton. The only difference is that you can chose RAPID FIRE in the Options Menu (yes there is one here) but it’s easy just to press faster the A button since the “Rapid Fire” rate is horrible.

Something I would like to say is that I really enjoy Fire Shark tunes. Specially the first one, seriously. Many people may say that the Yamaha YM2612 is a bad sounding chip. Well screw you. You just can’t win against the guitar sound on a Sega Genesis. I Simply love it!

That’s it for the two games. Wish I could have said more, but I leave that for you to find out. I leave you with a video from each game, and see you next time!