Forgotten Old Games – Battletoads and Double Dragon

Hi! It’s me again bringing you another FORGOTTEN OLD GAME. Yeah!
As always we’ll be taking a deep dive into the past of videogames. This time I’ll present you an awesome beat’em up game… BATTLETOADS & DOUBLE DRAGON !!!

Made in 1993 by RARE, this game was originaly released for the Nintendo NES, but it got ported later for the SNES, GENESIS and Gameboy. I’ll be talking about the Genesis version, which is the version I played at that time :)

The evil Dark Queen is back, seeking revenge against the Battletoads, who have ruined her plans before. But now she allied herself with the terrible Shadow Warriors. United, they plan to strike earth from the huge battlecruiser Colossus! The Battletoads must stop her! But in order to do that, they join forces with the brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee from Double Dragon!
Plot is basically that. If their enemies joined forces, why couldn’t the heroes do the same?! Pretty simple huh? Now let’s take a look at the main characters…

Shades huh? He's just that cool!

Yeah! He's such a pimp..le!

God...not only his name reminds me of something I had when I was a teenager, but also his pose is

Twisting Typhoon Kick?....HURRICANE KICK!?

I take back what I said about ZITZ... Jimmy definitely wins here...

As you can see, plenty of choices. You might ask why choose the Dragons while the Battletoads definitely looks cooler. Well the Dragons are faster and easier to play with. But the Toads have lots of cool moves :)

The graphics are good. Not as good as the SNES version of course, but they are very colorful and sharp.  Some of the levels have this isometric look, in which you can go to the back of the scenery, while some are plain 2d. There are lots of animations, specially when playing as any of the Toads. Take a look at what you can do at the second level:

First you nail the bad guy into the floor...

...then you smack the hell out of him! I never get tired of this!

That’s probably the main reason to play as the Toads. They have these weird moves when a part of their bodies becomes BIG. It’s so funny! The first time I played this I laughed a lot!

Now for the gameplay. Since the game originally got released for the NES, which had only 2 buttons for actions, it remained the same. Let’s take a look at the basic commands:

D-Pad – Moves Character. The Up/Down behaves differently depending on the kind of stage you are.
A Button – Action/Punch
B Button – Jumps
C Button – Action/Punch

By double tapping left or right, you run at that direction. If you try to punch while running, you’ll do a stronger move. Like a flying kick for the Dragons or a Headbutt/Strong Punch for the toads.

By crouching and pressing punch at this level, you can perform a... Dragon Punch?

The soundtrack is awesome. The tracks really raises the fighting spirit. Unfortunately some of the sound effects are a bit lame, but it’s bearable.

Playing as the Dragons is better I know...BUT YOU'LL NEVER GET FUNNY SCENES LIKE THIS!

This isn't as hard as it's supposed to be.

There are 5 levels and 8 bosses. Some levels have a different gameplay style, like this one in which you must glide down using ropes:

While on the rope, beware of the lasers and crows.

Boss fighting is always funny!

Battletoads and Double Dragon brought lots of fun to lots of consoles. If you happend to have any of them, please play this game! I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun, specially by playing it with a friend, since this game have two types of 2-player modes.
As always I’m leaving you with a gameplay video:

That’s it for this game, see you next time!