Forgotten Old Games – Wild Guns

Hi everyone! Today is… Thursday!?… It´s an awesome day for another awesome forgotten old game and this week´s game is Wild Guns!

Wild Guns is an awesome explosive shooting game where you can choose between two gunslingers, Clint the cowboy and Annie the lady. The plot?! I have NO IDEA, I just know that is a mix between cowboys and robots. Yes, cowboys and robots. Can you even imagine how awesome this is?! Natsume knows how to do good stuff such as Robot ninjas, Cowboys and robots, and yeah, robots everywhere, that´s the shit!

Released in 1994, Wild Guns is  pretty similar to arcade shooters like Time Crisis and Virtual Cop in Wild guns you have to shoot enemies that are constantly showing up trying to shoot you. Besides shooting enemies in Wild Guns you also have to evade enemy fire by running left or right and you can also jump in order to make a quick dodge.

To shot an enemy you just have to put your cross hair over it and press Y to shoot, you can also hold down Y to make a continuous shot, you can also throw a lasso to stun your enemies by pressing Y multiple times. As I mentioned before, you can dodge enemy fire by running or jumping with B and you can also perform a double jump pressing B again in midair.

You have to keep an eye on those speech bubbles like “LOOK OUT”, when you see one of those you have to jump or evade something immediately. While you´re shooting enemies, you´re also can pick up items that gives you extra points or even new weapons like shotgun, machine-gun or even a grenade launcher. You can pick up a super bomb item too, when you got this item you can plant  dynamite on your enemies blowing every enemy on-screen.

Wild Guns has 6 stages and during these stages you have a time counter and when the time is over a boss appear. Killing enemies makes time go faster. The boss fights are the highlight of this game, generally bosses are huge mechs with with a good amount of challenge, so “stay sharp, son”.

Wild Guns graphics are only AMAZING. Seriously, everything is heavily detailed and well drawn; characters design, enemies design and background design are awesome! Lots of futuristic mech stuff mixed with old west really makes this game shine.

The soundtrack is awesome too, they have that amazing western style mixed up with some intense action themes, I really recommend that you look for it.

In closing comments, Wild Guns is the most fun shooting game that I´ve played during the 16 bit era, I found it even better than Virtual Cop and I´m a hardcore Virtual Cop fan, so if you looking for some explosive action shooting game, go to Carson City to have a chat with Clint and Annie.