Forgotten Old Games – Terranigma

Howdy fellas! It’s time for another FORGOTTEN OLD GAME!
I bring you this time a fantastic action-rpg. An adventure like no other. Unfortunately this game is very underrated and many people don’t even know it!
It’s time for you to meet TERRANIGMA for the Nintendo SNES.

Game Bio:
Name: Terranigma /Tenchi Souzou
Genre: Rpg/Action
Release date:  1995 Japan – 1996 Europe and Australia
Publisher: Enix/Nintendo


As I’m really willing you people to play this game I’ll try not to spoil anything this time!
You play as Ark, a young man who lives in a city called Crysta. He did something bad last day and now he’s getting scolded by the village Elder for being so imprudent, then sent out to apologize for what he did. Upon returning, Ark, taken by curiosity, does something that the Elder said nobody should ever do. Now, carrying the world on his shoulders, Ark must leave the village, going on the greatest journey of his life.

The world map!

Every good RPG starts at 'hometown'


The graphics are very good, everything is well detailed and theres’s a lot of variety to the tiles. The main character, Ark as well as his attacks and combos have lots of animations. I just miss a “diagonal” animation, since Ark can walk and run towards diagonals.


Another great point here, the music and sound effects are very good. I just find some of the songs to be kinda repetitive. Apart from that, it’s very pleasant.

This is not as confusing as it appears to be!

You can jump. AND ATTACK! This is magical!


Here is probably the main reason people fled form this game before getting to really know it. The controls are good, Zelda-style. You don’t get ‘turns’ for  attacking, instead you’re free to move every screen and you can perform combo attacks and use items freely. The real problem is the game’s interface which a friend of mine stated as being “Player Unfriendly”. And it really is! It took me a while to figure out HOW to look, equip and use items. It’s not very intuitive, but if you give it some time you’ll get used to it.

A brief list of the basic commands:
D-Pad – Moves Ark/Navigates Menu
Select – Opens Menu
Start – Pauses Game
B Button – Jumps/Cancel (menu)
A Button – Action/Attacks/Confirm (menu)
Y Button – Run
X Button – Use equipped item

Ark uses one of his spells! Burn, baby!


To be honest, I didn’t had played this game until last week. A friend of mine said I HAD to play it, that it was one of the best RPGs ever. I confess I was a little skeptical at first. How come a game that no one seemed to know could be so good? A quick search revealed that the game never got released in the USA, which would explain a lot! I decided to play it. Almost gave up after just 2 hours of gameplay. It seemed the hype was in vain. But suddenly, something happened… and now I can’t stop playing it! Hahaha! Truly a great piece for our SNES.
Well, I’ll leave you with a quick video from the opening and the start of the game!
‘Till next time!