Forgotten Old Games – Toki Going Ape Spit

Hell-o! It’s wednesday! Day for another FORGOTTEN OLD GAME!
Today I’ll show you another Sega Genesis game. An epic adventure game…ok maybe not so epic, but funny! The game name is:  Toki Going Ape Spit


Released in 1991 by TAD Corporation, this adventure game is a port from the arcade version released 2 years before. Yeah I know! The cover doesn’t really makes you want to play it huh?


There isn’t any text telling about the story from this game. But I managed to play the Arcade version and here’s what it tells you: You are Toki. You and your girlfriend Miho were having a great time until out of the blue a giant hand kidnaps her and an evil wizard turns you into a big headed monkey.  Now it’s up to you to rescue your girlfriend and defeat the evil wizard…and hopefully retrieve your humanity…
You may be asking what’s the good thing about this game? Besides being hard, I find it pretty…weird! Seriously. At least for me, every time I face up a boss I get paralyzed in awe, wondering WHAT THE FUCK is that thing I’m facing, which also adds to the fun factor.

Wizard stole mah girl!

The controls are pretty BASIC. I don’t need to get into details. Since this is just like any other side scrolling/shooter game. The button layout is as below:

D-Pad – Moves character/crouch/climbs ropes
A/C – Jumps
B – Shoots

The only problem with the controls are that…well they don’t respond THAT WELL. It’s pretty easy to miss a jump or a shot which most of the times will end up with you dying.

The graphics are not as good as the arcade version of course, they’re just average for that time. Not much colors neither details. The enemies are pretty generic as well,  but at least the Toki’s face is funny xD

Yes...I missed that jump...

 The soundtrack is good. Every song compels you to move forward and face that bastard who stole your girl. The sound effects are just ok.

First Boss... WTF?

While beign just a generic shooter/platform game, Toki also manages to be funny, hard and WEIRD. I recommend you to play it specially for the WTF factor. I don’t have any idea what were they thinking back then, but oh well we have plumbers who moves through mushroom worlds using pipes huh? Give this one it a chance and have fun!