Forgotten Old Games – Joe and Mac

Hi everyone! It´s me again, Danilo, with a brand new old game!
This week´s game is Joe & Mac or Caveman Ninja in Japan… Man those japanese guys are genius, everything can be transformed into a ninja for them, there are no limits for the ninjamation or… ok, forget it.

Joe & Mac was released in 1991 by DATA EAST for arcade and ported to home consoles. The version I´m going to review is the Super Nes version, after all, the SNES version was my favorite one and also is one of the funniest platform game I´ve played on my SNES.

As you start the game the plot is shown right away. The deal is that a bunch of Neanderthal guys crashed in Joe & Mac village and scare all the cavebabes. Now it´s up to Joe and Mac find them and bring them back. Hum… looks fair enough to me, after all, babes are important!
During the game you can jump with B and attack with Y.

In the begging of any level, you only have a close range weapon, but as you progress and get some weapon items, you can launch rocks, boomerangs and even fireballs with your club.

Those items can be found inside eggs. You also can replenish your health bar by collection pieces of meat.
There are three different sizes of meat.
Small piece of meat -> half of a heart

Medium piece of meat -> one heart

Large piece of meat -> replenish all your hearts

Besides the pieces of meat you also can find an 1up that give you an extra life.

There are also lots of enemies during stages, and every stage has a boss, after you finish any level you´ll travel to a Super Mario World like screen showing a map of your progress.

You also can go back to the levels that you´re already beat in order to collect more items and lives.
Joe & Mac feature 7 levels and is a pretty easy however very fun game. I highly recommend you to play this game with a friend, it´s twice more fun.
Graphics are pretty well done, and feature a cool cartoonish visual. Love the Tyrannosaurus Rex face, Joe and Mac are very well drawn too.

Sound and music are good too, tunes are very catch and has that prehistoric feel.
That´s all about Joe & Mac for SNES, I hope that everyone enjoy this game as much as I.