Forgotten Old Games – Marsupilami

Howdy fellas!
Today is a special day. It’s Children’s Day here in Brazil. But also it’s day for another FORGOTTEN OLD GAME!
So in order to celebrate the day, I’ll be talking about a game aimed at children. We’re gonna take a look at Marsupilami for the Sega Genesis.

Released in 1995 by SEGA Enterprises, Marsupilami is a platform game, based on the popular french comics of the same name. Marsupilami is a black-spotted yellow monkey-like creature who have an incredibly long, strong, flexible and prehensile tail which can be used for almost anything. Having first appeared as a secondary character on Spirou comics in 1952, it eventually gained his own comic book,  first published in 1987.

As soon as you start, there is a small slideshow telling us the game’s plot. Marsupilami and his friend the elephant Bonelli were carelessly playing in the jungle until they suddenly got captured by the hunter Bring M. Backalive (LOLWUT), who sold them to a circus. Being forced to do performances twice a day while living in poor conditions, Marsupilami managed to steal the keys from a sleeping guard. Now it’s up to YOU to help them travel the world back home.

SEGA always liked to play with their logo.

In order to complete a level both Marsu and Bonelli must reach the end of it before the timer reaches zero. The problem is, not only Bonelli is slow, but everything, from boxes to enemies, makes him change direction and head backwards. You must use Marsu’s tail, transforming it into different objects to help him cross the level. Let’s take a look at the basic controls.

D-Pad – Moves character
A – Attacks
B – Jumps
C – Tranforms Tail (must have at least one Tail Icon)
X and Z – Navigates through Tail Icons (If you have a 3-button pad, you must pause in order to navigate them)

By changing the tails in steps, you can help Bonelli climb objects.

You must use the right kind of tail in the right situation, for example, if you want Bonelli to ram into something, you should use the mouse in front of him, scaring and making him run in the opposite direction. Like below:

If you want him to stay still at some place, you need something for him to eat. That’s what the fruits you collect are for. To place a fruit, hold Down and press A once. Bonelli will stop and start eating as much fruits as you place, so beware, if you put too much into one place, he will not leave there until he has consumed all of them.

Some Tail Icons can only be used if Bonelli is still, like the Hook.

The tail rope can be used anywhere there's a cliff with a pole. It's not a Tail Icon.

The graphics were average for that time, with plenty of different levels, since you literally travel the world to come back home. Character design kinda fails for the enemies, but it’s OK since it’s a children’s game. As for the soundtrack, I find it quite good, most of the songs fits the levels well. The second level one is my favorite, hehe!

First boss is easy. Just jump him and attack.

Even being aimed at children, I personally don’t find this game easy. It took me a while to finish it on Normal difficult level back then, specially because of the goddamn timer… If you’re a child, or a fan of platform games, I truly recommend you to take a look at this one. Even better if you happen to like the our furry friend Marsupilami. See you next time!