Not supporting cloud gaming may be “insanity”?

photo by IIISiXIII

There is a big gamma of different companies offering cloud gaming for some time now. Though this particular service of cloud use haven’t been well popularized yet, just consider what cloud storage is making to our documents (as in Google docs, Zoho or Dropbox, to name a few) or cinematic entertainment (as Hulu and Netflix). So, we may wonder, cloud gaming may be something huge in a couple of years.

The use of may wasn’t unintentional. I use it beacause is not a thing we can affirm just now as somewhat sure. Bandwidth nowadays is barely being able to handle delivering non-interactive media, as TV shows and movies (many friends of mine reported serious visualization problems with services as Netflix), just imagine the chaos those same connections would proportionate to their owners when (trying) to display ultra interactive worlds in HD dimensions of high-polygonal models.

It’s important to state: I’m not saying cloud gaming is doomed, however, I just believe that it a bit soon to say that it’s our messiah. That being said, here it is what  Gaikai CEO, David Perry, has said at a GDC Online panel.

You don’t want to be a console that doesn’t [offer cloud gaming]. This future is coming, trust me. We’re well-funded. This is going to happen. OnLive is already making it happen. You need to be prepared for that.

Well… Tell me about faith (or looking out of the company’s interest).

GDC Online: Cloud Gaming’s Fast-Approaching Future [Destructoid suggested link]