Forgotten Old Games – The Immortal

Hi! I’m bringing you another FORGOTTEN OLD GAME.
Today I’m gonna talk about a game called The Immortal.


Released in 1990 for the NES by Electronic Arts The Immortal is a puzzle/adventure game quite different from most I’ve seen. This game is hard, really! Think of it as an ancient ancestor to PS3 Demon’s Souls. I don’t even know why is it called Immortal, since you struggle to keep yourself alive as you progress through the rooms of this game.

There is a plot, but it seems that EA wanted to put emphasis on death. There’s lots of different ways to die, and since that will be happening a lot you’ll probably see all of them.
You’re an old wizard. As soon as you begin a candle flashes displaying the image of a face. You hear a voice saying:  ‘Dunric, you have come to save me. I am in the dungeons far below. I know I can count on you.’  Only problem is… YOU’RE NOT DUNRIC!

The game then tells you to move. Do it seriously otherwise you’ll face the very first death of this game: A giant worm comes from the ground and eats you.

You're gonna die again...and again...and again...

The graphics are good for the NES, but I think the details and characters could be a little better.

I’ve played the Sega Genesis version too. And I’m afraid to say that the Nes version looks kinda better hahaha. Also the Battle is way faster on the NES, but you’ll miss the kill animations from the Genesis version.

The sound is ok. I personally don’t like the goblins groaning. The soundtrack is not that good, but does the job.

Most of interaction just needs you to be near the object. The same for getting items, you get a confirmation screen asking if you want to take it or not. You can bring the inventory by pressing SELECT. To use an item, you must highlight it by holding the D-pad at the item’s direction and then pressing A or B.

Yeah! Now we can go fishing!

Fighting enemies seems tricky at first, but when you get used to it it becomes pretty easy. When fighting, you press B to stab using your knife, by holding D-pad LEFT, RIGHT or DOWN and pressing B you can swing your knife, causing more damage. If you hold A and press the D-Pad LEFT, RIGHT or DOWN you’ll dodge that direction. The green bar at your side represents your HP. The red bar that starts raising is your FATIGUE, the higher it is, the slower you become.

Most of the game you’ll be trying to avoid traps. There’s tons of them. Holes, Giant worms, Spiders, Fireballs, Arrows, Slimes… if you’re got by one, you die! But don’t worry, you can retry 2 times before a true “GAME OVER”. And you have passwords! But I can still hear the cries of young kids back in 1990 when there were no FAQS available. Indeed, even with a FAQ it’s impossible not to die at least once…or 11 times… If you feel like dying try it now! :D