Forgotten Old Games – D&D: Tower of Doom

It’s time for another FORGOTTEN OLD GAME.
Today’s game is based on the famous RPG D&D. I’m talking about Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom

Released in 1994 by CAPCOM, D&D:ToD was some kind of attempt to draw the attention from people who didn’t really liked RPG games. It’s blends the loved beat ’em up style, with RPG elements directly from D&D, like equipment durability, leveling up and loot.

A group of adventures in search of glory and fame travelling the world facing dangers and collecting treasure, that’s all the game is about. Up to 4 people can play together. If you choose to play solo you can choose one of the 4 characters available: The Fighter, The Cleric, The Dwarf and The Elf, each one has it’s own atributes, just like you’d expect from D&D, but they kinda simplified things.

The elf is hot. Period!

The graphics were pretty good, lots of sprites and effects on the screen at the same time. The characters are somewhat generic, but that’s part of the RPG experience it gives to you, just like the fact that you must name your character yourself.


Each character has unique skills. The Elf for example can use strong magic attacks, like the fireball, the other characters can use some magical attacks too, by using magical rings, but they wear off after use. There are some throwable items too, like the knifes and hammers, and even a bow to shoot arrows.
The controls are simple as shown below:

D-Pad/Stick – Moves character
Button 1 – Attack
Button 2 – Jump
Button 3 – Use Item/Magic
Button 4 – Select Item/Magic

Right below your character’s name there’s a simple in-game inventory, displaying your items and/or magic. In order to choose one, you must keep pressing the Select Item/Magic button, until the one you want is shown, then you use it with the Use Item/Magic button. It’s that simple! You can also run by tapping twice to left or right. If you hold the D-Pad/Stick to the direction you want and press the Attack button, you’ll unleash a stronger (but slower) attack.

Wish I had got that gold back there...

The game is divided in seven stages, which one you’ll face will depend on your choices on the way. You’ll be fighting monsters, earning experience points and then fight a boss in the end of each level. After that you’ll spend a night at the Inn, and head to the shop, where you can buy supplies. You’ll be needing the loot that monsters and chests drops, so be sure to get everything you can, otherwise you won’t be able to buy anything.

The first BOSS fight


The music is nice, they give each moment the right atmosphere. The sound effects are good too, except for the voices that are kinda annoying.
I got quite surprised when I first saw this game at the arcade. If you start playing, be careful otherwise you’ll be losing all your coins hahaha. Indeed the game got so popular that they released a second one, named SHADOW OVER MYSTARA in 1996. Later on, both games made their way to a compilation released to the Sega Saturn.
If you like beat ’em up or RPG, or even better, both, you definitely should play this game. I’ll leave you now with a gameplay video footage, cya!