Forgotten Old Games – Clock Tower

Hello and welcome to another FORGOTTEN OLD GAME.
When I ask you about an old survival horror game, which one comes in mind? Resident Evil? Silent Hill?
Well the one I’m bringing you today can be considered the predecessor to both series! We’re talking about Clock Tower for the Nintendo Snes.

Developed by Human Entertainment, Clock Tower made was released in 1995 only in Japan, as an action/adventure game with an horror storyline. As most Nintendo games from the time, you won’t see any blood spilling, but even without blood this little bastard was pretty successful in leaving you frightened.

Clock Tower tells the tale of a girl named Jennifer, an orphan that along some others has been adopted and now is heading to their new home, a huge weird looking house with a Clock Tower in the middle of the woods. After a small cutscene, you find that the other orphans have gone missing, and you are completely alone. Maybe they’re playing hide-and-seek you think… but when you decide to explore the house you start to uncover it’s hideous secrets…


The graphics are good, lots of dark places. There’s not a great variety of scenarios, but since most of the game events happens inside the mansion it’s ok.

Even though most of the game is played in silence, the soundtrack (when present) blends perfectly to the game helping to create the dark and eerie atmosphere, specially when you’re being chased by something. The same could be said about the sound effects, they’re great! As for the gameplay… well…it’s really, really slow. It resembles those old point-and-click adventures for PC, where you had to click where you wanted to move your character or at the objects you wanted to interact, but Jennifer doesn’t seem to move like her life is at a stake, even when she’s running. But I don’t think it’s that bad, because it adds to the experience, since you have no weapons. When being pursued, if you try to walk Jennifer will run, and she can even trip while doing so, making things more tense. When in danger, Jennifer’s portrait flashes red and blue, you must tap B button in order to avoid dying.

The basic controls are:
D-Pad – Moves cursor around the screen.
Y Button – Makes Jennifer walk in the direction of the cursor/area. Double-tap to run.
X Button – Stops Jennifer.
A Button – Opens Inventory.
B Button – When in danger, tap furiously to escape.
L button – Runs left.
R Button – Runs right.

For the sake of GOD! RUN!!!

The game features 9 different endings, depending on what you accomplish. Unfortunately as I said, the game is only available in Japanese, but you probably can find a translated version or IPS if you really want to have a look at it. And if you really like the survival horror genre, I strongly recommend you to do so!