Forgotten Old Games – Axelay

Hi everyone! Today I´m gonna review a great shoot ’em up for Super Nintendo, a classic that remains in past but today we´re going to resurrect Axelay!

Axelay was released in Japan during 1992 and produced by Konami. In 1993 it was released in USA and Europe. The awesome mode “7 graphics” and different styles of gameplay made Axelay a unique game.

Axelay take place in a solar system known as Illis. Illis was invaded by alien warriors named as the Armada of Annihilation. These guys took over the entire system included a earth-like planet named Corliss. In response, the humans from Corliss launch the powerful D117B Axelay fighter to put an end in this invasion.

This game, as I said before, feature a very unique gameplay style, it´s like you have two games in one. When you start playing Axelay the first thing that you´ll notice is its different perspective thanks to the MODE-7 and parallax scrolling effects. Thanks to these features, players will experience an awesome Star Fox a like gameplay even though at first it´s pretty hard to get used to it. Most part it´s because visually you´ll think that you´re playing something like Star Fox but to be honest I think that´s something more like a vertical scroll shooter. There are also some side scrolling stages, this stages play more like R-type and they´re freakin awesome!

Another very distinct mechanics is the way that the player acquire new weapons. Instead of gain more advanced weapons via power-ups during stages, players earns weapons as they advance through game. Axelay also feature three weapon types that are selected before the level starts. Players can switch freely between this three weapons during stages.

You may have a powerful firepower however Axelay is a one hit kill space shooter so you´ll need it in order to survive to this hard to beat game. Axelay feature 6 stages with lots of enemies and bosses.

Graphics are awesome, with heavily detailed enemies and environments, the Axelay fighter looks great and has cool design.  Soundtrack is awesome, and was composed by Taro Kudou, I always get myself hearing Axelay tunes.

This one is my favorite:

That´s all about Axelay an awesome shoot ’em up that sadly was forgotten…