Forgotten Old Games – Daze Before Christmas

Since it’s almost Christmas, there should be no better time to talk about a game whose main character is Santa himself! Ladies and gentleman, this is DAZE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

Developed by FUNCOM this game was released in 1994 for the Sega Genesis and some time later for the SNES.

You can read the plot in form of a poem when you start the game, but I’ll resume it for you. The evil¬†Louse the Mouse kidnapped Santa’s elfs, reindeers and presents. And now it’s up to Santa to kick some ass and retrieve what has been taken from him!

Featuring 24 levels, this game can be considered fairly easy. Most of the stages are well detailed, but some are poor designed or too short.

If Santa drinks coffee...

...he turns into some sort of DEVIL-SANTA...what?

The gameplay is pretty simple as well, as Santa, you can jump and throw magic to defeat your enemies. You must retrieve the presents and let free the elves. When you kill an enemy it could drop a blue present, which are used for the bonus stages. If you manage to get a cup of coffee then things gets weird and you become Anti Claus (a devil looking Santa Claus), which can..huh…beat the crap of enemies using his big sack… Yeah! Apart from that you become invincible as well, but other than hitting some big walls that blocks you way at some stages, it’s useless.

Basic Commands:
D-Pad – Moves Character
A and C- Uses Magic/Hits with Sack(as Anti-Santa)
B- Jumps

These are some items that you will be finding in the game:

PRESENTS – The presents you must retrieve. Some of them may contain enemies, bombs or hats.
HAT – Energy/health
FIRE POWER UP – Turns Santa’s magic to fire, making him able to melt ice.
COFFEE – Turns Santa into Anti-Claus, making him invincible, but unable to open presents.
BOMB – Found inside presents they harm you if you’re near then when they explode.
BELL – Checkpoint. If you die, you’ll return to this point.
STAR – Exit for some levels.
EXTRA LIFE – Gives an extra life (duh)

I'll not try to explain this one...

The soundtrack isn’t really exciting…unless you get turned on while listening to Christmas remixes. Other than that, they fit the game really well.

This game does not bring anything new, it’s pretty much a generig adventure/platformer, but it’s one of the few that features Santa as the main character. Back then it was really fun, as most of the kids loved this kind of game. Unfortunately I doubt any kid would try playing it nowadays. They’re pretty much playing the last blood-filled FPS at their modern consoles. But, i you’re really into Christmas and want to have some fun while playing a simple and decent adventure while feasting on some turkey, this is your game!