Indie game of Christmas – The binding of Isaac

The binding of Isaac

What The binding of Isaac and Christmas have in common?

Well, both are slightly based in the bible. (I didn’t read the bible completely, but I’m almost sure that no one said there that a guy dressed in red would give gifts for free and we should eat as much as we can.)

So, if you think your life is full of problems probably you still don’t know Isaac. Between each stage you will see some animations of how much Isaac already suffered in his life, from being bullied to discovered just after taking a dump that there was no paper in the toilet.

And where were his god all that time? Telling her mother to take everything from him to purify his sinner soul and than to sacrifice him as the ultimate proof of her love to him.

The game itself have nothing really new in the gameplay. It feels like snes’ smash TV, but with tons of upgrades. But the game have tons of hilarious upgrades and a really charming visual. It’s also nice to see how absurd the game is. You start completely naked, so your only weapon is Isaac’s tears that you shoot to kill bizarre creatures that lives in Isaac’s basement, and your final objective is to kill his mother to survive.

Isaac's screenshot

Can't...decide...if cute or disturbing

One of the best parts of the game is the replay value. Some upgrades are only available after certain number of new games that you made and the stages are all randomly generated (the bad part of the randomly generated dungeons is that sometimes the game can be REALLY hard and others just normal depending of your luck. The good part is that this game is never too easy). You also have some new characters to unlock that have their own special abilities, like Judas and Cain.

SCORE – 8.5

You can play the demo on newgrounds!