Forgotten Old Games – Gargoyle’s Quest

Hey guys! Happy new year! It´s a new year full of old games to be played and today we´ll gonna take a look in an awesome series that Crap… Capcom left behind. Today we´re gonna take a look into the first game of the Gargoyle trilogy, yes I´m going to talk about Gargoyle’s Quest for Game Boy!

Gargoyle’s Quest was a RPG released in 1990 for Nintendo´s Game Boy. I think that was one the first game boy titles I ever played as a kid and it blew my mind! During my childhood I played a lot of Ghosts´n Goblins and I already was a fan of the series. When I put my eyes in Gargoyle’s Quest I loved it! After all, you play as Firebrand, one of the main villans of king Arthur in Ghosts´n Goblins. So, can you imagine how cool can be this game? I mean ,nothing can be boring when you fly around with your demon wings and spit fireballs!

Let´s take a look on Gargoyle´s plot.

Gargoyle’s Quest  take place on the Ghoul Realm, the demon dimension. Many years ago, creatures from another realm attacked the Ghoul Realm and destroyed everything. Several hundred years have passed and the realm is threatened once again… You get the role of Firebrand, a gargoyle-like demon who is predestined to be the savior of the Ghoul Realm.

That´s all about the plot, now you´re problaby thinking “er… this game is a RPG… and THAT was the plot!?” Hey, hey, slow down dude. Gargoyle’s Quest may be a RPG, however it´s most like an action RPG. Let me try to explain in this way, this game is like Pokemon, BUT when you face a random battle or an enemy, instead to of a turned based battle screen you´re thrown into a sidescroller stage, with enemies and stuff so… IT´S FREAKING AMAZING!

So in Gargoyle’s Quest you has  an overhead view where the main character is displayed in a very similar way to Dragon Quest. During the random battles you face your enemies in short and simple stages in a sidescroller view. When you wipe out all enemies you´ll go back to the overhead view.

When you´re in the overhead view you can walk into 4 directions, talk with characters, access menus and stuff. When you´re in sidescroller view You can walk, jump spit fireballs, grab into walls and even fly for a short period of time.

Ok so how the RPG elements affect the in-game mechanics? Simple answer, Metroid! Gargoyle’s Quest use an almost identical standard for upgrades. You start the game with a limited range fireball, short jump and a short flying abilities. As you progress through the game you´re gonna collect items that provide more attribute to your standard abilities, some items provide new projectiles and new abilities. You can also pick up useable items like potions and stuff… Gargoyle’s Quest is a RPG and a sidescroller action platform game at the same time so besides the enemy encounters there are some major stages that provide lots of challenge. There are 13 big stages in Gargoyle’s Quest and every stage has a boss. You´ll gonna need to explore every single inch of the Gargoyle’s Quest world map in order to find all those stages and collect items and abilities. Pretty complex for a game boy classic game, don´t you think?

Gargoyle’s Quest also has awesome graphics, and in my opinion is among of the best in the classic game boy. It is amazing how good backgrounds and creatures can look considering the extreme limited color palette (black/white).

The soundtrack is freaking amazing. All tunes has a nice gothic touch that work perfectly with the dark fantasy atmosphere that this amazing game can delivery.

This is my favorite one:

Man, I love Gargoyle’s Quest soundtrack…

I really hope that someone who never played this game give it a chance,  Gargoyle’s Quest, is in my opinion, one between the best Game Boy titles that I ever played and surprisingly I hardly see anything about this game or even from the other two games from the  Gargoyle’s trilogy. This is such a shame…