Protest games against SOPA and PIPA

Unless you have been living in a cave in the last couple of months, you have probably heard of United State’s Government poor attempts to put a stop on online piracy, law projects SOPA and PIPA. Both projects are very similar and, if approved, would allow American government to block suspicious IPs indiscriminately, independently from where in the world the server is located. [If you want know more about those law projects, you should check the video in the end of the post]

Projects were voted last week and after a huge public manifestation, both of them were rejected [for now]. Many kinds of manifestation appeared, from traditional petitions and street protests to more contemporary manifestation forms as videogames. Anti SOPA and PIPA games poped-up everywhere stating a point against the soon-to-be voted legislation, specially after a special edition of the Ludum Dare took place themed against the projects.

Here are some of the most interesting ones results.


Quite dystopic [you will remember Orwell’s 1984] but graphically and muscly beautiful.

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Super Sopa Brothers

photo by tech2

Simple platform game that states a formal protest.

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Congress Chainsaw Massacre

Amazingly gruesome and strangely satisfying.

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Get Informed