Forgotten Old Games – The Flintstones

Hi! It’s been a while huh? I’m sorry for my absence. Lots of things happened, including me getting presented with a SEGA SATURN! Hell yeah! I’ll be posting reviews for this awesome console as well! Thanks to my friend Aline!
Well let’s get to work huh? Today’s game is a platformer from the past (duh?). Straight from the prehistoric era, I present you: The Flintstones for the Sega Genesis!

Released in 1993 by Taito this game is based on the famous Hanna Barbera cartoon show of the same name.
While capturing the essence of the TV show, this game has some little flaws that makes the experience less enjoyable.

Playing as Fred, I’d be surprised if the game followed any of the TV Show episodes, but this is not the case. You just do some tasks related to the other characters, like saving Pebbles who got herself lost or helping Wilma find her necklace. Sure not as thrilling as saving the world, but hey, helping friends counts too!

This quest will avoid him from having to sleep on the couch tonight!

In order to mimic a cartoonish style the game features colorful graphics, but while the characters appear as detailed as they could be, the background doesn’t. Most of the scenery is generic, specially the ground, which, apart from the bottomless pits, features nothing more than a straight, smooth and flat path. Sure those STEAM ROLLER looking cars did a good job!
Another thing I should be mentioning is the poor enemy design, most of them are pretty generic, while some doesn’t make any sense at all. On one of the last levels you’ll be facing some enemies that resemble demons. Wtf? Stone age demons?

Clear path ahead, except for that bottomless pit...

He should have paid attention to that "downhill" sign...


Most of the sound effects are simple. The average “Boing”, “Plop” and “Crash”. As for the songs, apart from being quite repetitive, they are ok.


The average platform scheme, attack and jump. You can hold on to some cliff edges and give a more powerful attack by holding the attack button.
The good thing is that you’ll be playing in lots of different levels, from the slow and frustrating water levels, to the not less frustrating “killer scrolling” ones!
As for the game default controls:
D-Pad: Moves Character
A/C Button: Jumps
B Button: Attacks, hold for increasing power (Makes Fred moves slower and not being able to hold on to cliffs)
Start: Pauses the game

Shark surfing! Like a boss!

I hate water levels...

...and water rising levels as well!

I’ve played lots of platform games, and I think this one has quite unresponsive controls. Which IMO is the major flaw of the game. The game itself is not hard, but the controls make sure you die a lot.

You're gonna die...

...and die...

...and...whoa, close one!

The game features 6 Stages divided in three levels. The levels are not separated, but often marked with a numbered sign. Each Stage has a boss you must defeat in order to proceed to the next level.
At each level you’ll be finding a variety of items and power ups, including an invincible.
A good game if you like The Flintstones TV show, but unfortunately not with a very good replay value, unless you like finishing on each difficulty level!
I’ll finish by showing you a gameplay video. See you next time!