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    Forgotten Old Game – Robocop vs Terminator 

    Hello and welcome to another FORGOTTEN OLD GAME!
    I hope you fellas had an awesome holiday! We’re gonna start 2012 with some violence straight from the last century! It’s ROBOCOP vs TERMINATOR for the Sega Genesis!

    Released in 1994 by Virgin Interactive, this game features our favorite action movie characters against each other. For those who don’t know Robocop, he were once a Detroit City policeman called Murphy. After being tortured and almost killed by drug dealers, they somehow fused his consciousness and organic parts with a robotic body. I think I don’t need to explain Terminator, do I? Since they made a new movie not long ago…

    Just like the Robocop movie, this game has lots of violence and gore. When shoot, the enemies explode in a pulp of flesh and blood, which is very nice! The graphics are good, but the characters animation leaves to desire. Especially Robocop. I mean, he was really kind of stiff while moving, but in game he looks ridiculous. Some of the enemies are pretty generic as well.

    As for the gameplay. I’ll resume it using a few words. It’s Contra with worse gameplay and a health bar. In Contra you could precisely control where you wanted to shoot. You can’t exactly do the same here, and since Robocop’s hitbox is kinda huge, you’re gonna get hit…a lot…

    A funny fact. The health item is… baby food. It’s just like in the movie, where they had to fed him that so the organic parts could survive.

    The basic controls are:

    D-Pad – Moves Robocop, crouchs, climbs.
    A Button – Changes weapon
    B Button – Shoots
    C Button – Jumps

    Notice that the weapon inventory looks exactly like the one in Contra games. You can have 2 weapons, by pressing A, you switch between them. If you get another weapon, the one you’re not equipping will be replaced.

    Not the best soundtrack around, but they’re good action songs that goes well with the levels. When I was a kid I even managed to create dirty lyrics for some of them hahaha.

    Featuring 10 stages, you’ll go from the streets of Detroid to the heart of Skynet. As you progress through the game, as expected, it gets harder, with lots of enemies firing at you at the same time, which can be very frustrating, so save up as much lives as you can!

    Overall, Robocop vs Terminator is the kind of game you should play when you want lots of blood, fast action and some frustration. I didn’t try to finish it while writing this post, but I remember that when I was a kid I only managed to do so by using a 3rd party Turbo controller, which raised the firerate making Robocop’s handgun fire like a machinegun! Sweet good’n old hardware cheats :P


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    Forgotten Old Games – Winback Covert Operations 

    Hi everyone, it´s me Danilo and this week´s game is a very underrated game on Nintendo 64 that created important game mechanics used in 3rd person shooters today. Today I´m gonna talk about Winback Covert Operations for Nintendo 64! (Thanks to Thaís I was able to make this review, that´s because last month I was bitching in HOW AWESOME WAS WINBACK FOR N64 AND HOW COOL THE GRAPHICS WERE AND STUFF and HOW BAD IS THAT I CAN´T MAKE THIS GAME WORK IN ANY EMULATOR so she was tired of hearing me and gave it to me as a present in order to make me shut up.  ♥ )

    Sorry about the bad quality pictures...

    Winback was released in 1999 for Nintendo 64 by Koei, later in 2001 it receives a remake on Playstation 2.

    Following some of the standard stealth and infiltrating mechanics as Metal Gear Solid, Winback mix stealth gameplay with lots of shooting. So we can put Winback as a mix between Metal Gear Solid and Goldeneye. Winback also resembles Mission: Impossible, also released for N64.

    Besides it´s resemblance with Metal Gear Solid, Winback has a simplified plot. You play the role of Jean-Luc Couger, a member of an elite group of soldiers called S.C.A.T. …lol that means (Strategic Covert Actions Team). A group of terrorists called Crying Lions has taken control of a satellite with a super laser weapon mounted in it and them destroyed a space research center with it. The terrorists say that they have no demands and they main agenda is only total destruction. It takes 3 hours to the laser cannon recharge and shoot another blast so it´s up to the S.C.A.T. team to stop it.

    Ok, enough of small talk, let´s talk about gameplay!

    Lots of people say that its gameplay inspired most third person shooter of this generation, what makes Winback’s gameplay quite revolutionary for it´s time. Let´s take a look into the controls.

    Pull your weapon/Aim: R

    Fire Weapon: A

    Reload: B

    Change Weapon: (C)UP

    Hand to Hand Combat: A (close to an enemy)

    Control Stick: Move/Aim

    Cover: A (close to a wall)

    Crouching: Z

    Open Doors/Active/Pick up Items: A

    Rotate Camera: (C)Left, (C)Right

    Camera Mode: (C)Down

    These are the basic actions in Winback, when you get familiar with the controls you´ll feel like a badass soldier from those 80s/90s action movies. In fact if you played Resident Evil4, or even Gears of Wars you´ll masterize Winback controls really fast. So if you´re also a modern games player you should have no problems with this one. So why I said it was revolutionary if it resembles all those games?

    Well, if you remember it well, I said Winback was released in 1999, while Resident Evil and Gears of Wars are all pos-2005 games. So, Winback made use of cover system and the 3rd person aiming much earlier than both.


    The stealth factor is also something very well done in this game. Let´s go back to Metal Gear Solid 1 where you basically HAVE to proceed through the game in a stealth approach, if you go insane and start shooting every single enemy an infinite army of enemies will continue to respawn and you´re pretty much fucked. In Winback you can complete missions in a stealth way or go shooting everything so, you actually have a choice. I´m not saying that Winback is better than Metal Gear Solid, don´t get me wrong. I´m just saying that to have this variety of actions in gameplay makes the game more attractive for a wide range of players.

     But there´s a dark spot in Winback. The level design is boring. There are cool missions but in generally this game suffers from some problems that modern games also suffer like… Go straight… Kill some enemies… Go straight again…  Winback could be an awesome game if they put some more effort in level design or mission design itself, putting some real challenge pushing into exploring the environment looking for keys, new routes and stuff but no.

    This game is too linear compared, for example, to Metal Gear Solid, in which you have to think more, look for items and stuff. Here it´s just kill a bunch of enemies and proceed. Sometimes you have to look for an item but it´s easy to find and doesn´t really increase the level off challenge in this game. But as I sayed, this is the only black spot in Winback for me and the combat and boss battles are really cool. There are lots of weapons to choose and the handgun ammo is infinite so, you don´t have to save ammo, just worry about shoot bad guys, after all this is what matters in this game!

    Winback has 20 stages and in some of these stages you´ll play as other S.C.A.T. members so this make the experience fresh. A downside is that you´ll need a MEMORY PAK to save your game so if you don´t have one… Sorry, pal, you´re in real trouble here.

    Now let´s talk about… GRAPHICS…

    Man this game´s graphics are sweet! The character models are simply amazing, take a look in this guy over here!

    You can see cool details in they faces and stuff I know that their faces are actual textures but everything is very well done and detailed. They´re not like those awful blocky characters from Goldeneye. Sometimes I almost think that I´m playing some early Dreamcast game to be honest.

    But… The backgrounds are blend, with some boring textures and colors. I think that the N64 cartridge also collaborated for this, maybe they´re where out of space or something like that but at the end of the day Winback looks good.

    Sadly I can´t say the same about the sound department… Most part of the tunes are weak and boring, and there is NO VOICE ACTING AT ALL. I really think that this is very sad after all, Megaman 64 and Resident Evil 2 prove that the Nintendo 64 can handle voices with no problem so I didin´t get the problem… However gunshots and SFX in general are very good so at leat this will make you happy.

    Well that´s all about Winback Covert Operations for N64 a very good third person shooter/stealth game for n64 and also very overseen. So take my advice and go play this awesome game!

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    Forgotten Old Games – ESWAT 

    Hi everyone it´s me again Danilo and today looks like a good day to kick some cyber criminals asses, after all today I´m gonna review ESWAT for Sega Genesis.

    ESWAT was originally released for arcade in 1989 and them in 1990 released for Sega Genesis. As an adaptation from the arcade ESWAT on Sega Genesis did a pretty good job and became very popular.

    The plot is the traditional 80’s cliche with a criminal organization called E.V.E. is trying to take over the city. You play as Duke Oda (WTF!?), a rookie officer who is designated to stop these thugs, and as you progress, Duke receive a power armor called “Ice Combat Suit” that allows him to fire plasma riffle and even use a jetpack.

    So, in the first levels you play without armor. As a common police officer you can jump, shoot and duck. ESWAT´s gameplay at least for me resembles a lot of Shinobi, the only difference, of course, is that you´re not a ninja… But you´re a guy in a power armor so we´re still winning don´t you think?! Ok, now, when you get the power armor, in the third level, you can use all your basic actions as a normal cop and switch between weapons and abilities.

    They are:

    Normal Shot/ Super Shot: You can fire your standard shot and if you get Super shot you´ll unlock a rapidly fire with more power.

    R.L. (Rocket Launcher): These rockets moves in a very weird way but are very useful.

    P.C. (Pulse Cannon): It works in a similar way as the megaman power buster, except that it charges when you hold your fire, so if you rapidly tap your attack button it will fire a small shot very similar to you normal shot but if you stop firing and wait the full charge you can perform a super plasma shot.

    Fire: This attack resembles a power bomb os something like that, it burns every enemy on-screen. It´s the most powerful attack the only downside is that doesn´t work on bosses and burn all your fuel (Burner).

    Jetpack: When you jump just press jump again to fly around the screen, you can also hover and the jetpack also burns fuel.

    During the stages, you can also collect some items that can replenish your health, items and your jetpack fuel.

    ESWAT features 8 stages and lots of bosses, is a tough game for tough guys with tough power armors, so stay prepared for some hard time trying to beat this game. Also, I consider ESWAT as a great game when you´re already played all Sega Genesis Shinobi games and needs more.

    Graphics are pretty good, even though they´re not good as the arcade version, I prefer Genesis’ version since has more darker visuals and a more deep cyberpunk feel. Sound effects and music are good too. One of the most memorable themes to me is the boss fights theme, just awesome.

    If you like Shinobi and like robots, you´ll problably like ESWAT, a pretty good action platform game for Sega Genesis!

    • Lex 10:26 am on September 22, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I remember seeing the empty box for this at my neighborhood video store when I was a kid. They never had it in. Will have to buy a copy for the retirement pile.

      • Andre 12:33 pm on November 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        You got the point about boss fights, it has a unique music and feel. The design of the enemies and the cybercop still great even almost 20 years later.

  • Danilo 7:53 pm on September 8, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Forgotten Old Games – Wild Guns 

    Hi everyone! Today is… Thursday!?… It´s an awesome day for another awesome forgotten old game and this week´s game is Wild Guns!

    Wild Guns is an awesome explosive shooting game where you can choose between two gunslingers, Clint the cowboy and Annie the lady. The plot?! I have NO IDEA, I just know that is a mix between cowboys and robots. Yes, cowboys and robots. Can you even imagine how awesome this is?! Natsume knows how to do good stuff such as Robot ninjas, Cowboys and robots, and yeah, robots everywhere, that´s the shit!

    Released in 1994, Wild Guns is  pretty similar to arcade shooters like Time Crisis and Virtual Cop in Wild guns you have to shoot enemies that are constantly showing up trying to shoot you. Besides shooting enemies in Wild Guns you also have to evade enemy fire by running left or right and you can also jump in order to make a quick dodge.

    To shot an enemy you just have to put your cross hair over it and press Y to shoot, you can also hold down Y to make a continuous shot, you can also throw a lasso to stun your enemies by pressing Y multiple times. As I mentioned before, you can dodge enemy fire by running or jumping with B and you can also perform a double jump pressing B again in midair.

    You have to keep an eye on those speech bubbles like “LOOK OUT”, when you see one of those you have to jump or evade something immediately. While you´re shooting enemies, you´re also can pick up items that gives you extra points or even new weapons like shotgun, machine-gun or even a grenade launcher. You can pick up a super bomb item too, when you got this item you can plant  dynamite on your enemies blowing every enemy on-screen.

    Wild Guns has 6 stages and during these stages you have a time counter and when the time is over a boss appear. Killing enemies makes time go faster. The boss fights are the highlight of this game, generally bosses are huge mechs with with a good amount of challenge, so “stay sharp, son”.

    Wild Guns graphics are only AMAZING. Seriously, everything is heavily detailed and well drawn; characters design, enemies design and background design are awesome! Lots of futuristic mech stuff mixed with old west really makes this game shine.

    The soundtrack is awesome too, they have that amazing western style mixed up with some intense action themes, I really recommend that you look for it.

    In closing comments, Wild Guns is the most fun shooting game that I´ve played during the 16 bit era, I found it even better than Virtual Cop and I´m a hardcore Virtual Cop fan, so if you looking for some explosive action shooting game, go to Carson City to have a chat with Clint and Annie.

    • Bruno Vieira 1:42 pm on September 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Oh yeah, one of my favorite games for SNES. Really the most fun shooting game of the 16-bit age =)

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    Forgotten Old Games – Power Blade 

    In the year 2191 Earth is protected by a super computer but… Something went wrong and the master computer became out of control releasing chaos around the globe! Someone must take care of it! A man named Nova is called for the job and his mission is to find six agents in six sectors to ensure his access to the master computer!

    This is the story of one of the best Mega Man-like games on NES. This is the story of… Power Blade!!!

    This sprite seems a bit familiar...

    By the time, Mega Man 2 was a huge success and now and then was considered by many the best Mega Man title in all video game history. So Mega Man 2 made the Mega Man series a masterpiece and at the end of 80s and beginning of 90s lots of developers tried to use Mega Man´s formula such as Power Blade, produced in 1990 by Natsume.

    The japanese version of Power Blade was called Power Blazer. Power Blazer is almost a different game if you compare to Power Blade, that´s because when the game was released in west they made several changes in the level design. For instance, the main character was changed from a cartoonish robot into an Arnold Schwarzenegger look–alike character, teamed up with several improvements in the gameplay.

    Here´s a comparison between both titles:

    *Power Blazer

    *Power Blade

    Now… The gameplay!

    Power Blade has a very sharp gameplay, A button make your character jump, B attack (WITH AWESOME BOOMERANGS!!!), D-PAD moves your character, START button pause and SELECT use your special weapon.

    In Power Blade as I mentioned before your character use a boomerang to attack, you can attack in 8 directions with it and if you get enough power ups you can throw 3 boomerangs in a row.

    There are some bombs and a Power Blade item that gives an awesome power suit that increases your protection and strength.

    Power Blade has 7 stages, 7 bosses and two difficult levels; Normal and Expert but even in normal this game can be very challenging. There is also a password feature. When you start the game you can choose between the six main stages but unlike Mega Man, there’s no actual reason to select the stages in any order.

    The graphics are very good and colorful, backdrops are very well detailed and characters too, for me the only downside was the walking animation of the main character, it looks weird and clumsy but… it´s also funny so I´m not sure if is really a downside after all.

    Music and sound effects are pretty good and catchy.

    So if you like Mega Man you should try Power Blade, another awesome forgotten old game for NES!

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    Forgotten Old Games – Shatterhand 

    Hi everyone! Today I´m gonna talk about Shatterhand, a good and yet very obscure action/platform game for NES.

    Shatterhand was developed by Natsume and released in 1991 in Japan as Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain, an action platform game featuring a hero from a japanese live action show called Solbrain. I tried to make a little research trying to know what of those two games where the first but there are lots of people who say that Solbrain was the first one and Shatterhand was the adaptation and others who say the total opposite so at the end I can only think… But who gives a sh@#$ anyway?! Both are great games so at least for me doesn´t metter at all.

    Now it´s time to get back to the review.

    The plot is simple, in the year 2030 a group of renegade soldiers called Metal Command are planning take the world using a army of cyborgs. In order to defeat them the Law and Order Regulatory Division recruits a police officer called Steve Hermann who has cyborg arms.

    *look at this guy he´s a f@#$ badass

    Now his codename is Shatterhand and he must stop this group once for all!

    In Shatterhand player can jump and attack with punches, sometimes it´s possible to grab some fences, player also will be able to destroy enemy projectile just by punching them.

    There are also alpha and beta symbols, if the player collect three of this symbols will able to summon a robot that can help a lot during the game.

    Some of these robots can help your character allowing him fly a little or even destroying enemies on-screen.

    Shatterhand feature 7 stages: after complete the first stage player is allowed to choose between 5 stages, after all these stages are cleared the final stage is unlocked.

    Because of the small range of Steve attacks I consider Shatterhand a hard game, but very enjoyable and fun to play.

    Shatterhand graphics are very well done, featuring a heavily detailed main character with nice animation, all enemies and backgrounds are heavily detailed I really love those industrial cyberpunk locations.

    Sound and music are great too, reminds me Megaman a lot.

    So in the end of the day Shatterhand is a real NES classic and if you didin´t played yet you MUST play this game!

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