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    Forgotten Old Games – M.U.S.H.A. 

    Hi everyone! Such a long time since my last post… That´s because I´m spending lot of time in Oniken, trying to finish all the stuff to finally release it. This week´s game is M.US.H.A. for Sega Genesis, an awesome and yet very obscure shoot´m up.

    First things first, let’s talk about the plot, it all starts in a distant future, when a supercomputer called Dire51, that controls a space colony, goes rogue and send its entire attack force to destroy the Earth, so it’s up to an elite squad of mech units to make a desperate stand to defend our homeland, so as you can see, this is going to be one hell of a ride.

    You control Ellinor, the last surviving member of the elite squad, that despite losing all of his comrades, continues the mission to stop the evil computer Dire51.

    Now to the important part, the gameplay. At first this game may see like an ordinary vertical shooter, but then you start gathering upgrades and new weapons, even some helpers that take out flanking enemies for you, also the game’s difficulty starts raising with every new level, these upgrades not only increase your firepower but they also increase your durability.

    If you get hit while having some upgrades and power ups installed, instead of dying, you lose those upgrades, allowing you to survive a bit more and maybe the chance to recapture the upgrades you lost, this not only makes the gameplay a lot more fun, but also makes it a lot less frustrating.

    About those helpers and new weapons, you can change the way they behave, by pressing the A button on the Sega genesis control pad, in a total of 6 modes, which not only makes the game more interesting, but it also allows your helpers to be put to pretty good use, depending on the situation you are facing.

    The graphics are awesome for a game of its age, you see, this game is from 1990 and compared to games like Sonic Wings (SNES) from 1993, you can clearly see that they came up with good-looking visuals. You can notice pretty quickly how fluid the animations are, and how colorful the game is on the first few minutes of gameplay, also its worth mentioning the visual effects, like when you use the shield ability to destroy enemies projectiles you notice a cool fake transparency effect, not to mention the introduction, those are some freaking awesome pixel arts, you feel like you’re watching a cool mecha anime!

    And yet again we take a look at my favorite section of our review, the sounds and musics! Man this game has some of the most cool soundtracks made for a game of this genre, the main theme, which plays in the introduction and at the title screen, is a great way to show what awaits you in this awesome game!

    Well that’s it for M.U.S.H.A, I hope you enjoy this game as much as I have, for it’s an enjoyable shoot ’em up classic and all fans of this genre should at least try it!

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    Forgotten Old Games – Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen 

    Hi everyone it´s Friday! Friday!… oops Ok, this week´s review had some delays but here I am with a fresh old game!

    Today I´m gonna talk about Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen for Sega Genesis!

    Yuu Yuu Hakusho for Sega Genesis is a fighting game, not just a fighting game but a really good fighting game that is based on the anime Yuu Yuu Hakusho. Anime based fighting games are generally bad but this one is fantastic I know lots of people who consider this game one of the best Sega Genesis fighting game.

    Yuu Yuu Hakusho was developed by Treasure, released in 1994 and never made out Japan however Tec Toy released this game in Brazil during 1999 as Yu Yu Hakusho: Sunset Fighters with everything translated to portuguese. At that time I already had a Playstation but I remember that this game became very popular between my friends and we played it a lot.

    This game story focus on the anime main story and engulf all the anime arcs. Basically the main character is Yusuke Urameshi a college troublemaker who dies trying to save a kid that was almost run over by a car. Even god himself doubted that Yusuke might be good to save anyone so his death wasn´t scheduled. To correct this problem Yusuke had a chance to resurrect and work for heaven as something like a demon hunter.

    During his adventures Yusuke makes powerful allies and enemies so this is what this game is about.

    You can pick between 11 characters from the anime, good and bad guys to kick some asses.

    Yuu Yuu Hakusho gameplay is very similar to Guardian Heroes from Sega Saturn, basically your character can move, dash, guard use heavy attacks and weak attacks. You can also change planes in a system very similar to Fatal Fury, different from other fighting games your character can change it´s direction and give his back for the opponent. I think they did this because it was easier way to handle 4 players on-screen fighting each other, yes this game supports 4 players at the same time!

    All character has it´s unique special attacks and abilities with a good balance between each other.

    This game also has awesome graphics, characters has lots of animations frames and they´re all heavy detailed. Backgrounds are rich and gave a good sense of perspective because of the different planes.

    There´s also a cool day cycle effect during the fights, you can start a fight during the daytime and pass to afternoon and night.

    Music and sound are pretty decent, not good and memorable as Street Fighter tunes but they´re pretty good, I really like the character voices, they´re all from the original japanese anime.

    In closing comments Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen is a great fighting game, even if you´re not a fan of the anime, you should try this one, it´s a very obscure but great fighting tittle for Sega Genesis!

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    Forgotten Old Games – Assault Suit Leynos 2 

    Hi everyone it´s me Danilo and today´s the final part of my Assault Suits series mega review!

    Now let´s talk about Assault Suit Leynos 2 a great 2d mecha/platform for Sega Saturn. Leynos 2 was the direct sequel of Target Earth for Sega Genesis but in my opinion it´s a mix between Valken and Leynos. Some interesting gameplay aspects of Valken such as the advanced physics system, the ability to use a shield and dash function where kept in this game and the complex weapon system and plot of Leynos was kept too so this game cover every single good aspect of it´s predecessors.

    Leynos 2 uses every single button os Saturn´s gamepad so control your mech´ll not be an easy task. It´s difficult to assimilate that every single button has a total different funcion like one button is the rocket launcher, another one is the plasma beam and the another was a punch button and the aiming system, which is similar to Leynos 1, it´s kinda hard to gets it.

    There´s two different aiming methods: one is manual and another is auto aim. At the first, I´ve choose auto aim because the manual was too damn difficult to jump, fly around, dash and aim, all at the same time, but in the later stages I felt that it was pretty annoying to switch between targets so i decided to go manually. After some training, I was piloting my mech like a NEWTYPE jumping, firing every single weapon dashing and aiming. So, when you get used to the control scheme, you´ll feel like you´re unstopable because there´s lots of cool weapons and features in this game.

    Speaking about weapons and features, you can buy lots of them in this game and even buy new mechs and parts. After beating the game, I saw myself  completing the same stages over and over again just for unlock new types of mechs and cool weapons. This variability in the mech raises the replay value a lot. The bad part is that this game has only 7 missions, which is a shame for a such deep and complex mech game like this.

    Leynos 2 graphics are very well done, everything is heavily detailed with lot´s of stuff on-screen. Also, it uses 2D sprites in a 3d game engine with a 2D gameplay. So there´s lots of zoom and resize 3D effects on the 2D sprites, lot´s of parallax effects and rotation effects, everything looks really amazing and the mechs are very “realistic” with gray and brown colors. Sometimes, really huge enemies appears like the first boss, a giant AT-AT like walker battle tank with lots of machineguns built-in it.

    There´s explosions and mechs flying everywhere so you´re really feel that you´re in a combat zone and not alone. Characters portraits are awesome too, the characters looks really charismatic and are drawled like those realistic anime style that I´m huge fan.

    Music and sound effects are well done, the in-game songs are really good and off course has CD quality. I like to spend some time enjoying them since this is a Sega Saturn CD game you can simply put it on your CD player and enjoy them. There´s also a nice anime music like in the end credits, this give a nice touch.

    In closing comments, Assault Suit Leynos 2 was the last game of the Assault Suits Series and a great 2D platform/action game. I hope everyone enjoyed this series of reviews and have fun with these underrated and obscure games that has lots to offer.


    cool isn´t it?!

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    Forgotten Old Games – Assault Suits Valken (Cybernator) 

    Hi everyone it´s me again.

    Today is a special day because I´m starting a three part mega review of the Assault Suits series. For those who aren´t familiarized with this series I´m gonna explain a little about it.

    In Japan there´s a series of games about mechs called Assaut Suits. I´m a huge fan of mechs [or mecha, it’s the same thing] and specially Japanese mechs so I´ve played a lot of mech games but this series has the best mecha games that I have played! Most of those games are pretty unknow so I decided to make a review of them. The three games that I´m gonna review will be:

    Assault Suits Valken (SNES) => called “Cybernator” in US

    Assault Suit Leynos (Sega Genesis) => called “Target Earth” in US

    Assault Suit Leynos II (Sega Saturn) => released in japan only

    So the first one to be reviewd is Assault Suits Valken for SNES.

    Assault Suits Valken was released in 1992 in Japan and in 1993 in the US where it was renamed as Cybernator. There´s few differences between the two versions. The main difference I notice is that the American version, for some unknown reason, removed the characters portraits during the dialogs. I remember that a friend of mine mentioned that the American version also don´t have a scene where the president of the enemy nation commit suicide after being defeated but I have never beaten the American version, only the Japanese version so I´m not so sure about it.

    Valken´s plot  it´s not very original but is pretty decent for a 1992 action game. In the future, all earth´s fossil fuels are depleted and become the main reason behind a great war between two nations.

    These nations are The Axis and the Earth Federation. (sounds just like Mobile Suit Gundam´s plot…)

    You take the role of Jake, a soldier that serves the Federation´s army and as in all this game series, soldiers use those humanoid mechs called “Assault Suits” to fight. Jake and his platoon main objective is to destroy the most powerfull Axis´s mech, the Bildvorg.

    Something that is really awesome in this game is that during action, the main characters keep talking to each other, revealing lot cool details of the plot itself.

    Valken´s gameplay is very “realistic”. You really feels the weight of your mech when you jump and move around; the physics is very realistic for a 2d game. You can jump, hover for a certain amount of time, punch and even dash. So, for example if you punch some enemy it will cause damage on him but if you dash and them hit him with a directly punch while dashing, the amount of damage will be very superior. If you´re in the space there´s no gravity so you´ll feel the inertia of your movements so if you´re walking in an asteroid and suddenly jumps you´ll go up forever because there´s no gravity of course.

    There´s also a bunch of choices in the weapons department as well. In the beginning, you start with a standard machine gun and during the game you can get other weapons like Missiles and laser beams. These weapons can be upgraded if you collect lots of “power chips”.

    During the combat you can also defend yourself using a shield. It´s very useful because in this game there are bullets everywhere.

    As you progress through the game you need to take some actions that can make a huge difference in the end. For example, there´s a stage that you need to destroy the main engines of the enemy space station before it enters in the Earth´s atmosphere atmosphere (I love this stage, it´s EPIC). So if you fail to destroy the engines before that you´ll fail and the station´ll crash on Earth but the game isn´t going to end and you´ll proceed to the next mission and this will change some events in the plot during the rest of the game. This game has two different endings, one “good” and one “bad”  depending on how well you´ve succeded during the game.

    There are a total of seven stages in this game and limited continues with no password or save feature so you´ll need time and practice to finish this one.

    The graphics are superb. I´m freaking serious, there´s a lot of cool details in this game like when you shoot the bullet capsules will fly around. Firing in the ground or walls will left marks. If you destroy an enemy assault suit the pilot destroyed mech.

    When you hover too close of a wall or something like that dust´ll be raised because of the engine´s propulsion.

    Animations are really fluid, everything is heavily detailed and the mecha design is awesome too. The characters and mechas are very well draw in the cutscenes, looks like a high quality anime.

    Sound effects and musics are very well done too, check out this playlist that I found on youtube:

    So that´s all I can say about Assault Suits Valken so take the rom and check it out because next week I´m gonna review Assault Suit Leynos for Sega Genesis!

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    Forgotten Old Games – Chou Jikuu Yousai Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie 

    Hi everyone, this week I´m gonna review Chou Jikuu Yousai Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie for the SNES.

    Macross for SNES is a very fun and challenging shoot ’em up based on Macross (Robotech in US) a very famous anime that feature mechs that can transform into jet fighter.

    This game is some kind of sequel to the first anime series, so basically in 1999 an alien spaceship crashed on earth in an island called Macross.

    The human race rebuilt the alien spaceship and named it as SDF1 ( Super Dimension Fortress – 1 ) Macross. Based on the alien technology, human race was able to create powerful machines called Valkyries which are mechs that can transform into jet fighters.

    The jets had to transform into mechs because, based on the alien ship, the aliens where giants so transforming a jet fighter into a giant robot was suppose to be a good way to fight again´s them…

    Eventually, the aliens arrived and a war between humans and the aliens started. In the end, humans and aliens established  peace but some other alien factions are still not so friendly.

    So in this game you´re suposed to attack those rogue alien factions and destroy them before them destroy the earth.

    Macross has a very rich gameplay for a space shooter. When you start the game, you have to choose between three pilots, each of those pilots has their own Valkyrie with three transformation modes and different abilities.

    The transformation mode are battroid, gerwalk and fighter mode. Battroid mode is the humanoid robot form of the Valkyrie, gerwalk is a hybrid between the humanoid form and the jet fighter form (basically a jet fighter with legs and arms) and finally the fighter mode is the jet itself.

    Now I´m gonna make a little explanation about each character abilities.

    Hikaru –  The main character, has a very nice attack when in Fighter Mode: a laser beam that can cross any obstacle on screen. His Gerwalk Mode is good too but his attacks are week, he deploy some bombs up and down. And finally his Battlroid Mode has a good offensive power firing machine gun and missiles.

    Max – The ace pilot, Max has a machine gun with medium offensive power in Fighter Mode, an energy chain weapon on Gerwalk Mode, which is very interesting if you know how to use it, and in Battroid he has a homing energy attack that is very weak but very efficient.

    Milia – She was the best alien pilot in the anime series and in the end she and Max get married. In fighter mode Milia shoots deadly fireballs,which are fast like a rapid fire, in Gerwalk Mode she can shoot energy shoots that resembles blades, they spread like a shotgun so they´re very useful against a large enemy wave and finally in Battroid Mode she can use a Hadouken like energy ball that blast it´s way through the enemies. In my opinion Milia has the most powerful attacks of all characters.

    There is an item with a P letter that increase your firepower level, the max firepower level that each mode can achieve is level 3 but if you get some enemy hit you´ll lose one firepower level. For example I has max firepower in each mode then I take a hit in Battroid Mode, so my battroid level will be decreased to level 2. There´s a life bar too, if you take too many hits your life bar will reach zero and your Valkyrie will explode.  An interesting feature in this game is that you can turn an enemy into a friend, if you stop shooting your ship will start to glow with a golden aura then if you touch an enemy with this it will tun into a friend and start to help you.

    This game features 7 stages and every stage has a very difficult boss. The boss fights are very difficult and you have to pay a lot of attention because they have a good variety of attacks and actions.

    Macross for SNES is a very difficult game even in the easy mode, so stay sharp!

    The graphics are incredible, this game features a lot of special effects like sprite rotation, semitransparent effects and multilayered screen giving a nice sence of perspective. Everything is very well detailed.

    Music and sound are great too, I love this game soundtrack, the tracks are very well done  with a lot of energy!

    Check out the main theme, it´s awesome!

    Chou Jikuu Yousai Macross is one of my favorite SNES shoot ’em up so I strongly recommend to you guys go and check it out.

    • Boris 9:13 pm on March 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Vou baixar a ROM pra conferir, estou curiosíssimo! Joguei Macross para o NES em um cartuchinho 42 in 1 de 60 pinos que incluía vários títulos japas.

      Macross era difícil e o pior de tudo é que parecia não ter fim (e até hoje não sei se tem mesmo).

      Essa versão para SNES parece ser mais interessante, ainda mais pelo fato de que sei que ela tem final hehe.

      Gráficos bem melhorados em relação ao NES que só tinha o fundo preto durante a fase e um fundo sempre igual quando enfrentava o chefão que também era sempre igual hehe.

      A escolha de personagens também é um diferencial legal; as transformações parecem que continuam iguais, falta só conferir o arsenal dos personagens e a trilha sonora completa.

      Ótimo post! Relembrei de um clássico e ainda conheci sua continuação hehe

      Parabéns! No aguardo do próximo game…

      Ps.: Deixei alguns games indicados em resposta ao seu comentário no post de Shadowgate.

      • Danilo 10:11 pm on March 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Opa valew, eu tava meio afastado do blog e mesmo da internet essa semana passada ai acabei não respondendo mas eu baixei aquele YS do master que você tinha dito porém não tive tempo de jogar ainda.
        O Macross do nes realmente não tem fim eu creio, ja sobrevivi até a fase 12 mas não vi sinal de fim hahah, sempre começava no espaço, chegava na parte exterior do cruzador zentraedi e por fim estourava um reator que parecia um hamburger hahaha.
        Valew pelo comentário e quanto ao jogo do Macross pro SNES garanto que é bem divertido.
        Dica: começa jogando com o Max ele tem um tiro seguidor em modo battroid muito bom!

    • Boris 12:24 am on March 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Bem legal esse Macross, joguei um pouco mas vou pegar firme depois, essa semana tá corrida.

      Realmente o do NES talvez não tenha fim mesmo… lembro que também avancei em um nível alto mas tudo continuava sempre igual… acabei desistindo hehe. E o chefão parecia mesmo um hamburguer hehe, tinha um esquema pra ficar entre as duas fileiras e matar ele rapidão acertando no meio delas, já estourava as duas de uma vez, lembro disso até hoje hehehe.

      Sobre o YS… se for fã de RPG e Adventure garanto que irá gostar. O jogo é muito bom, e acredito que a melhor versão seja do Master, pelo menos graficamente e musicalmente falando eu acredito que seja. Além do fato de que YS da Nintendo só saiu pro Famicom, tudo em japonês e o áudio bem inferior ao Master. Se você também se liga nas trilhas sonoras vai ficar doido com YS, pode acreditar hehe.


  • Danilo 8:11 pm on February 16, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Forgotten Old Games – Zillion 

    Hi everyone it´s me again Danilo with a fresh (maybe not so fresh) old game!

    This week´s game is Akai Kodan Zillion for Sega Master System. Zillion was one of the best old Sega franchise for the SMS and later Sega with Tatsunoko Productions released an anime based on Zillion.

    The anime was a huge success and was a good merchandise for the SMS game. I remember when I was a kid I played Zillion a lot, not just because was a great game but also because I was a huge fan of the anime.

    You can check the anime opening here:

    *as you guys can see the main character´s weapon was a Light Phaser pistol

    Zillion´s story is very simple. Human race was attacked by aliens called Noza and the only weapon capable of detroying the Noza was three pistols called Zillion.

    Three young brave soldiers where are chosen to wield them as the White Nuts [I’m not making this name up!] in order to fight back against the Nozas.

    Those brave soldiers are JJ (the main character), Apple (a beautiful girl) and Champ (a very skilled gunfighter).

    *from left to right Champ, JJ and Apple

    So in this game you play as JJ who must find five disks that will enable him to input the self-destruct sequence into the Noza´s main base computer. As secondary objective, JJ must rescue the other two White Nuts members, Champ and Apple.

    Now let´s talk about the gameplay.

    Zillion was on SMS at same time as Metroid was on NES and Zillion was also a free-scrolling platform adventure. You start the game in front of your mothership landed on Planet X (the Noza home planet), then you must take an elevator to the underground area to get access to the Noza´s base.

    Once you´re inside the base you´re going to spend the rest of the game there. If you want you can go back to the mother ship to replenish your health.

    JJ can shoot his weapon, duck, jump and even craw on the ground. JJ can also shoot while crawling too.

    The Noza´s base is filled with rooms and in most part of those rooms lies a computer terminal that you can input some codes. Some of those codes can make enemy weapons offline or disarm nearby barrels or even disable enemy sensors.

    Those computer terminals also can open doors for you but in order to do this you must collect codes from capsules that can be found in these rooms.

    Inside those capsules there´re power ups too.

    During the game, you have to fight against enemy soldiers too and escape from traps like energy barrels and landmines. When you rescue a friend, you can select the friend soldier and play as him, something similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for NES.

    This game is very long and there is no save or even password features, so be prepared to spend hours playing it until you finish it.

    Zillion has very nice graphics for a open-world game like this. For instance, if you compare Zillion to Metroid for NES, which was also an open-world game you´ll see how Zillion graphics are far superior to it´s counterpart.

    Music and SFX are great too, I really like the sound that the light phaser makes when I shoot something, it´s very close to the sound that it produces in the anime.

    The musics are very nice and catchy, it´s a shame that basically are only two musics in Zillion but they´re very well done.

    The intro theme of the anime “Pure Stone” was very well converted into midi.

    In closing comments, Zillion is a classic for SMS and maybe was one of the best games on the console. However, I don´t know why, Sega ended up abandoning the series what is really a shame that a masterpiece like this was dumped away by Sega.

    • Boris 8:54 pm on February 16, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Bem bacana a análise! Relembrei de Saint Seiya para o NES… game que tive uma experiência parecida com a sua: não achava o game tão bom (principalmente por ser todo em japa) mas gostava muito do anime.

      Joguei pouquíssimo o Zillion, não sou fã dos áudios do Master System e com exceção de Phantasy Star e Ys, Zillion é outro game que de fato tem uma trilha sonora muito boa!

      Muito legal o site!

    • Danilo 8:14 am on February 17, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Também ja joguei o Saint Seiya no nes, alugava um piratinha japonês hehehe.
      Concordo com você o Master tinha jogos com músicas pouco expressivas, fico imaginando que talvez fosse folga dos compositores já que o chip de som dele era tecnicamente melhor que do NES.
      Valew pela visita e pelos comentários! =)

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