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  • Danilo 10:34 pm on January 19, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Forgotten Old Games – Gargoyle´s Quest II 

    Good day fellow old gamers, today we are going to take another look at our favorite demon, Gargoyle’s Quest II for NES, you all must be assuming this is a sequel, but it’s not, it’s actually a prequel to Gargoyle’s Quest.

    Before we take a look at the game itself I would like to point out that there is a Game Boy port for this game, released in 1993 in Japan only, renamed as Makaimura Gaiden: The Demon Darkness, which had two new levels, eventually it was supposed to be released in the US too, but it was later canceled.

    Now, to the PLOT, the game starts at our hero’s hometown, Etruria, Firebrand is a young gargoyle who is training to become a true warrior, and dude, do they point that out in the game, every dialogue in the beginning is about you becoming a true warrior. The King of the ghoul realm tells you to go to the Warrior’s training center to test your skills, so, once firebrand finishes his quest he would be rewarded with the Spectre’s Fingernail, and the title of, guess what… True Warrior.

    Anyway, while firebrand was in the Warrior’s training center an evil entity called Black Light appeared and destroyed his hometown, leaving the King at the brink of death, only with enough energy to give Firebrand his reward and send him to unravel the mysteries of the Black Light.

    As you may have noticed this game pretty much have the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessor, you have an overhead view in which you can walk in four directions to travel through the Ghoul Realm and you also have the side scrolling parts, that are used when you enter an action area, like the dungeons, bridges or caves.

    The biggest change in this game is that there are no random battles, which for some may be a relief since they can be a real pain, this time you actually see the enemies standing on the world map usually blocking your way, then when you talk to them, you enter an action area like the ones you see when you enter a dungeon, these are the best parts of the game, they are fast paced, full of enemies and quite challenging.

    This game also incorporates power ups and upgrades for Firebrand, which can increase his health or allow him to perform new feats required to pass a certain area, not to mention there are some puzzle solving, they are not a big deal but they do add to the game experience.

    Let’s take a look at the visuals, when you are using the overhead view you can see the graphics are nice and colorful, nothing too amazing but
    it’s clearly well drawn. When you enter an action area you can admire the graphics at their full potential, the background is simple yet very nice to look at and the characters are well detailed for a NES game, not to mention that in certain areas the game is able to give that shadowy atmosphere which fits perfectly for the dark fantasy genre.

    The soundtrack I expected it to be more “scary” and “creepy”, after all, you are in a place called Ghoul Realm and you control a freaking demon, but still the game has some good tracks however the first game tunes are way better.

    That’s all for Gargoyle’s Quest II, if you haven’t played it yet I recommend you to give it a try, after all, it’s an awesome action RPG.

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    Forgotten Old Games – The Immortal 

    Hi! I’m bringing you another FORGOTTEN OLD GAME.
    Today I’m gonna talk about a game called The Immortal.


    Released in 1990 for the NES by Electronic Arts The Immortal is a puzzle/adventure game quite different from most I’ve seen. This game is hard, really! Think of it as an ancient ancestor to PS3 Demon’s Souls. I don’t even know why is it called Immortal, since you struggle to keep yourself alive as you progress through the rooms of this game.

    There is a plot, but it seems that EA wanted to put emphasis on death. There’s lots of different ways to die, and since that will be happening a lot you’ll probably see all of them.
    You’re an old wizard. As soon as you begin a candle flashes displaying the image of a face. You hear a voice saying:  ‘Dunric, you have come to save me. I am in the dungeons far below. I know I can count on you.’  Only problem is… YOU’RE NOT DUNRIC!

    The game then tells you to move. Do it seriously otherwise you’ll face the very first death of this game: A giant worm comes from the ground and eats you.

    You're gonna die again...and again...and again...

    The graphics are good for the NES, but I think the details and characters could be a little better.

    I’ve played the Sega Genesis version too. And I’m afraid to say that the Nes version looks kinda better hahaha. Also the Battle is way faster on the NES, but you’ll miss the kill animations from the Genesis version.

    The sound is ok. I personally don’t like the goblins groaning. The soundtrack is not that good, but does the job.

    Most of interaction just needs you to be near the object. The same for getting items, you get a confirmation screen asking if you want to take it or not. You can bring the inventory by pressing SELECT. To use an item, you must highlight it by holding the D-pad at the item’s direction and then pressing A or B.

    Yeah! Now we can go fishing!

    Fighting enemies seems tricky at first, but when you get used to it it becomes pretty easy. When fighting, you press B to stab using your knife, by holding D-pad LEFT, RIGHT or DOWN and pressing B you can swing your knife, causing more damage. If you hold A and press the D-Pad LEFT, RIGHT or DOWN you’ll dodge that direction. The green bar at your side represents your HP. The red bar that starts raising is your FATIGUE, the higher it is, the slower you become.

    Most of the game you’ll be trying to avoid traps. There’s tons of them. Holes, Giant worms, Spiders, Fireballs, Arrows, Slimes… if you’re got by one, you die! But don’t worry, you can retry 2 times before a true “GAME OVER”. And you have passwords! But I can still hear the cries of young kids back in 1990 when there were no FAQS available. Indeed, even with a FAQ it’s impossible not to die at least once…or 11 times… If you feel like dying try it now! :D

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    Crafturday – Metroid NES 

    Here it comes one more NES mod and this too based on classic games. This custom NES was inspired by Samus Aran’s Varia Suit and, as you can see it, involved the whole console, from the console itself to the controllers. BleedingViolin is the one behind this amazing transformation and e praise it affirming “these ARE NOT stickers, NOT interchangeable skins, NON Photoshop work; this is HANDMADE and the devices all function properly.”

    If you, like me, have absolutely no idea how to achieve this result without using stickers and photoshop, don’t worry! BleedingViolin also make customizations to order, so if you are just around Netherlands or don’t mind international shipping rates, here is your chance to have an exclusive console.

    You can see more of BleedingViolin custom consoles at his DeviantArt page under the name ricepuppet.

    • Eric 12:35 pm on July 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Wow, that’s awesome. I love all of these crazy game mods/skins people are coming up with these days.

    • Mickeleti 8:34 pm on July 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Amazing!! I want one!!

  • Danilo 10:34 pm on May 25, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Forgotten Old Games – Power Blade 

    In the year 2191 Earth is protected by a super computer but… Something went wrong and the master computer became out of control releasing chaos around the globe! Someone must take care of it! A man named Nova is called for the job and his mission is to find six agents in six sectors to ensure his access to the master computer!

    This is the story of one of the best Mega Man-like games on NES. This is the story of… Power Blade!!!

    This sprite seems a bit familiar...

    By the time, Mega Man 2 was a huge success and now and then was considered by many the best Mega Man title in all video game history. So Mega Man 2 made the Mega Man series a masterpiece and at the end of 80s and beginning of 90s lots of developers tried to use Mega Man´s formula such as Power Blade, produced in 1990 by Natsume.

    The japanese version of Power Blade was called Power Blazer. Power Blazer is almost a different game if you compare to Power Blade, that´s because when the game was released in west they made several changes in the level design. For instance, the main character was changed from a cartoonish robot into an Arnold Schwarzenegger look–alike character, teamed up with several improvements in the gameplay.

    Here´s a comparison between both titles:

    *Power Blazer

    *Power Blade

    Now… The gameplay!

    Power Blade has a very sharp gameplay, A button make your character jump, B attack (WITH AWESOME BOOMERANGS!!!), D-PAD moves your character, START button pause and SELECT use your special weapon.

    In Power Blade as I mentioned before your character use a boomerang to attack, you can attack in 8 directions with it and if you get enough power ups you can throw 3 boomerangs in a row.

    There are some bombs and a Power Blade item that gives an awesome power suit that increases your protection and strength.

    Power Blade has 7 stages, 7 bosses and two difficult levels; Normal and Expert but even in normal this game can be very challenging. There is also a password feature. When you start the game you can choose between the six main stages but unlike Mega Man, there’s no actual reason to select the stages in any order.

    The graphics are very good and colorful, backdrops are very well detailed and characters too, for me the only downside was the walking animation of the main character, it looks weird and clumsy but… it´s also funny so I´m not sure if is really a downside after all.

    Music and sound effects are pretty good and catchy.

    So if you like Mega Man you should try Power Blade, another awesome forgotten old game for NES!

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    Forgotten Old Games – Shadow of the Ninja 

    Hello everyone! Today’s chosen one is Shadow of the Ninja, a big success from Natsume for NES. Shadow of the Ninja was released on 1990 in Japan and originally called Yami no Shigotonin KAGE; in 1991 the game made its way to western lands with its new name.

    Shadow of the Ninja is considered by many as one of the best action games on NES and uses a similar to Ninja Gaiden’s level design strategy: frenetic action, levels filled up with enemies and really hard asses bosses.

    Let’s begin with game’s story, Shadow of Ninja takes place in 2029, when a malefic dictator named Garuda invades USA and takes full control of it. To put an end on his terror reign, two of the finest ninjas in Iga clan are infiltrated in Garuda’s fortress to get rid of him. Those ninjas extremely skilled and well-trained “super ninjas” are Hayate and Kaede.

    Tough the plot might not be one of the most brilliant in eastern literature, it doesn’t tarnish Shadow of the Ninja at all. It’s just the minimum amount of plea needed to takes us to what is really remarkable about this game: gameplay.

    Levels and gameplay in Shadow of the Ninja are very well designed. Before starting, player can choose between Hayate and Kaede.

    But as far as abilities go, both ninjas are identical and there is no difference in playing with one or the other. There is also a multiplayer mode in witch two players can play a cooperative mode in the same screen as in Double Dragon. In the beginning, the ninja’s only weapon is a katana, but in the course of the game, more weapons are presented, as whips, shurikens and even grenades. All those items are available in boxes around levels.

    There is also the possibility of using special attacks that kill all enemies in screen, however that will consume half of player’s energy. Besides common weaponry, player can also rely on ninja’s abilities as grabbing in ropes and pipes, just like in Ninja Gaiden.

    Shadow of the Ninja have 5 stages, each one with its final boss and a limited continue scheme, so if you run out of continues you will have to start all over again.

    In the graphics and sound department, Shadow of the Ninja is very well produced, with great musics and astonishing graphics and even rotation effects, something very rare in NES times. I personally like the rain effect in the first ship stage.

    One curiosity about the game that a Game Boy version was developed and almost released. However, Tecmo bough Natsume rights of the game and it was converted on a Ninja Gaiden game. In playing this particular Ninja Gaiden game, it’s possible to notice that the gameplay is far different from NES’s Ninja Gaiden, so as even the game plot is considered as a spin-off of the original series.

    That’s all about Shadow of the Ninja, another Natsume’s great title for NES.

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    Forgotten Old Games – Shatterhand 

    Hi everyone! Today I´m gonna talk about Shatterhand, a good and yet very obscure action/platform game for NES.

    Shatterhand was developed by Natsume and released in 1991 in Japan as Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain, an action platform game featuring a hero from a japanese live action show called Solbrain. I tried to make a little research trying to know what of those two games where the first but there are lots of people who say that Solbrain was the first one and Shatterhand was the adaptation and others who say the total opposite so at the end I can only think… But who gives a sh@#$ anyway?! Both are great games so at least for me doesn´t metter at all.

    Now it´s time to get back to the review.

    The plot is simple, in the year 2030 a group of renegade soldiers called Metal Command are planning take the world using a army of cyborgs. In order to defeat them the Law and Order Regulatory Division recruits a police officer called Steve Hermann who has cyborg arms.

    *look at this guy he´s a f@#$ badass

    Now his codename is Shatterhand and he must stop this group once for all!

    In Shatterhand player can jump and attack with punches, sometimes it´s possible to grab some fences, player also will be able to destroy enemy projectile just by punching them.

    There are also alpha and beta symbols, if the player collect three of this symbols will able to summon a robot that can help a lot during the game.

    Some of these robots can help your character allowing him fly a little or even destroying enemies on-screen.

    Shatterhand feature 7 stages: after complete the first stage player is allowed to choose between 5 stages, after all these stages are cleared the final stage is unlocked.

    Because of the small range of Steve attacks I consider Shatterhand a hard game, but very enjoyable and fun to play.

    Shatterhand graphics are very well done, featuring a heavily detailed main character with nice animation, all enemies and backgrounds are heavily detailed I really love those industrial cyberpunk locations.

    Sound and music are great too, reminds me Megaman a lot.

    So in the end of the day Shatterhand is a real NES classic and if you didin´t played yet you MUST play this game!

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