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    Forgotten Old Games – Gargoyle’s Quest 

    Hey guys! Happy new year! It´s a new year full of old games to be played and today we´ll gonna take a look in an awesome series that Crap… Capcom left behind. Today we´re gonna take a look into the first game of the Gargoyle trilogy, yes I´m going to talk about Gargoyle’s Quest for Game Boy!

    Gargoyle’s Quest was a RPG released in 1990 for Nintendo´s Game Boy. I think that was one the first game boy titles I ever played as a kid and it blew my mind! During my childhood I played a lot of Ghosts´n Goblins and I already was a fan of the series. When I put my eyes in Gargoyle’s Quest I loved it! After all, you play as Firebrand, one of the main villans of king Arthur in Ghosts´n Goblins. So, can you imagine how cool can be this game? I mean ,nothing can be boring when you fly around with your demon wings and spit fireballs!

    Let´s take a look on Gargoyle´s plot.

    Gargoyle’s Quest  take place on the Ghoul Realm, the demon dimension. Many years ago, creatures from another realm attacked the Ghoul Realm and destroyed everything. Several hundred years have passed and the realm is threatened once again… You get the role of Firebrand, a gargoyle-like demon who is predestined to be the savior of the Ghoul Realm.

    That´s all about the plot, now you´re problaby thinking “er… this game is a RPG… and THAT was the plot!?” Hey, hey, slow down dude. Gargoyle’s Quest may be a RPG, however it´s most like an action RPG. Let me try to explain in this way, this game is like Pokemon, BUT when you face a random battle or an enemy, instead to of a turned based battle screen you´re thrown into a sidescroller stage, with enemies and stuff so… IT´S FREAKING AMAZING!

    So in Gargoyle’s Quest you has  an overhead view where the main character is displayed in a very similar way to Dragon Quest. During the random battles you face your enemies in short and simple stages in a sidescroller view. When you wipe out all enemies you´ll go back to the overhead view.

    When you´re in the overhead view you can walk into 4 directions, talk with characters, access menus and stuff. When you´re in sidescroller view You can walk, jump spit fireballs, grab into walls and even fly for a short period of time.

    Ok so how the RPG elements affect the in-game mechanics? Simple answer, Metroid! Gargoyle’s Quest use an almost identical standard for upgrades. You start the game with a limited range fireball, short jump and a short flying abilities. As you progress through the game you´re gonna collect items that provide more attribute to your standard abilities, some items provide new projectiles and new abilities. You can also pick up useable items like potions and stuff… Gargoyle’s Quest is a RPG and a sidescroller action platform game at the same time so besides the enemy encounters there are some major stages that provide lots of challenge. There are 13 big stages in Gargoyle’s Quest and every stage has a boss. You´ll gonna need to explore every single inch of the Gargoyle’s Quest world map in order to find all those stages and collect items and abilities. Pretty complex for a game boy classic game, don´t you think?

    Gargoyle’s Quest also has awesome graphics, and in my opinion is among of the best in the classic game boy. It is amazing how good backgrounds and creatures can look considering the extreme limited color palette (black/white).

    The soundtrack is freaking amazing. All tunes has a nice gothic touch that work perfectly with the dark fantasy atmosphere that this amazing game can delivery.

    This is my favorite one:

    Man, I love Gargoyle’s Quest soundtrack…

    I really hope that someone who never played this game give it a chance,  Gargoyle’s Quest, is in my opinion, one between the best Game Boy titles that I ever played and surprisingly I hardly see anything about this game or even from the other two games from the  Gargoyle’s trilogy. This is such a shame…

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    Forgotten Old Games – Axelay 

    Hi everyone! Today I´m gonna review a great shoot ’em up for Super Nintendo, a classic that remains in past but today we´re going to resurrect Axelay!

    Axelay was released in Japan during 1992 and produced by Konami. In 1993 it was released in USA and Europe. The awesome mode “7 graphics” and different styles of gameplay made Axelay a unique game.

    Axelay take place in a solar system known as Illis. Illis was invaded by alien warriors named as the Armada of Annihilation. These guys took over the entire system included a earth-like planet named Corliss. In response, the humans from Corliss launch the powerful D117B Axelay fighter to put an end in this invasion.

    This game, as I said before, feature a very unique gameplay style, it´s like you have two games in one. When you start playing Axelay the first thing that you´ll notice is its different perspective thanks to the MODE-7 and parallax scrolling effects. Thanks to these features, players will experience an awesome Star Fox a like gameplay even though at first it´s pretty hard to get used to it. Most part it´s because visually you´ll think that you´re playing something like Star Fox but to be honest I think that´s something more like a vertical scroll shooter. There are also some side scrolling stages, this stages play more like R-type and they´re freakin awesome!

    Another very distinct mechanics is the way that the player acquire new weapons. Instead of gain more advanced weapons via power-ups during stages, players earns weapons as they advance through game. Axelay also feature three weapon types that are selected before the level starts. Players can switch freely between this three weapons during stages.

    You may have a powerful firepower however Axelay is a one hit kill space shooter so you´ll need it in order to survive to this hard to beat game. Axelay feature 6 stages with lots of enemies and bosses.

    Graphics are awesome, with heavily detailed enemies and environments, the Axelay fighter looks great and has cool design.  Soundtrack is awesome, and was composed by Taro Kudou, I always get myself hearing Axelay tunes.

    This one is my favorite:

    That´s all about Axelay an awesome shoot ’em up that sadly was forgotten…

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    Forgotten Old Games – Clock Tower 

    Hello and welcome to another FORGOTTEN OLD GAME.
    When I ask you about an old survival horror game, which one comes in mind? Resident Evil? Silent Hill?
    Well the one I’m bringing you today can be considered the predecessor to both series! We’re talking about Clock Tower for the Nintendo Snes.

    Developed by Human Entertainment, Clock Tower made was released in 1995 only in Japan, as an action/adventure game with an horror storyline. As most Nintendo games from the time, you won’t see any blood spilling, but even without blood this little bastard was pretty successful in leaving you frightened.

    Clock Tower tells the tale of a girl named Jennifer, an orphan that along some others has been adopted and now is heading to their new home, a huge weird looking house with a Clock Tower in the middle of the woods. After a small cutscene, you find that the other orphans have gone missing, and you are completely alone. Maybe they’re playing hide-and-seek you think… but when you decide to explore the house you start to uncover it’s hideous secrets…


    The graphics are good, lots of dark places. There’s not a great variety of scenarios, but since most of the game events happens inside the mansion it’s ok.

    Even though most of the game is played in silence, the soundtrack (when present) blends perfectly to the game helping to create the dark and eerie atmosphere, specially when you’re being chased by something. The same could be said about the sound effects, they’re great! As for the gameplay… well…it’s really, really slow. It resembles those old point-and-click adventures for PC, where you had to click where you wanted to move your character or at the objects you wanted to interact, but Jennifer doesn’t seem to move like her life is at a stake, even when she’s running. But I don’t think it’s that bad, because it adds to the experience, since you have no weapons. When being pursued, if you try to walk Jennifer will run, and she can even trip while doing so, making things more tense. When in danger, Jennifer’s portrait flashes red and blue, you must tap B button in order to avoid dying.

    The basic controls are:
    D-Pad – Moves cursor around the screen.
    Y Button – Makes Jennifer walk in the direction of the cursor/area. Double-tap to run.
    X Button – Stops Jennifer.
    A Button – Opens Inventory.
    B Button – When in danger, tap furiously to escape.
    L button – Runs left.
    R Button – Runs right.

    For the sake of GOD! RUN!!!

    The game features 9 different endings, depending on what you accomplish. Unfortunately as I said, the game is only available in Japanese, but you probably can find a translated version or IPS if you really want to have a look at it. And if you really like the survival horror genre, I strongly recommend you to do so!

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    Forgotten Old Games – Winback Covert Operations 

    Hi everyone, it´s me Danilo and this week´s game is a very underrated game on Nintendo 64 that created important game mechanics used in 3rd person shooters today. Today I´m gonna talk about Winback Covert Operations for Nintendo 64! (Thanks to Thaís I was able to make this review, that´s because last month I was bitching in HOW AWESOME WAS WINBACK FOR N64 AND HOW COOL THE GRAPHICS WERE AND STUFF and HOW BAD IS THAT I CAN´T MAKE THIS GAME WORK IN ANY EMULATOR so she was tired of hearing me and gave it to me as a present in order to make me shut up.  ♥ )

    Sorry about the bad quality pictures...

    Winback was released in 1999 for Nintendo 64 by Koei, later in 2001 it receives a remake on Playstation 2.

    Following some of the standard stealth and infiltrating mechanics as Metal Gear Solid, Winback mix stealth gameplay with lots of shooting. So we can put Winback as a mix between Metal Gear Solid and Goldeneye. Winback also resembles Mission: Impossible, also released for N64.

    Besides it´s resemblance with Metal Gear Solid, Winback has a simplified plot. You play the role of Jean-Luc Couger, a member of an elite group of soldiers called S.C.A.T. …lol that means (Strategic Covert Actions Team). A group of terrorists called Crying Lions has taken control of a satellite with a super laser weapon mounted in it and them destroyed a space research center with it. The terrorists say that they have no demands and they main agenda is only total destruction. It takes 3 hours to the laser cannon recharge and shoot another blast so it´s up to the S.C.A.T. team to stop it.

    Ok, enough of small talk, let´s talk about gameplay!

    Lots of people say that its gameplay inspired most third person shooter of this generation, what makes Winback’s gameplay quite revolutionary for it´s time. Let´s take a look into the controls.

    Pull your weapon/Aim: R

    Fire Weapon: A

    Reload: B

    Change Weapon: (C)UP

    Hand to Hand Combat: A (close to an enemy)

    Control Stick: Move/Aim

    Cover: A (close to a wall)

    Crouching: Z

    Open Doors/Active/Pick up Items: A

    Rotate Camera: (C)Left, (C)Right

    Camera Mode: (C)Down

    These are the basic actions in Winback, when you get familiar with the controls you´ll feel like a badass soldier from those 80s/90s action movies. In fact if you played Resident Evil4, or even Gears of Wars you´ll masterize Winback controls really fast. So if you´re also a modern games player you should have no problems with this one. So why I said it was revolutionary if it resembles all those games?

    Well, if you remember it well, I said Winback was released in 1999, while Resident Evil and Gears of Wars are all pos-2005 games. So, Winback made use of cover system and the 3rd person aiming much earlier than both.


    The stealth factor is also something very well done in this game. Let´s go back to Metal Gear Solid 1 where you basically HAVE to proceed through the game in a stealth approach, if you go insane and start shooting every single enemy an infinite army of enemies will continue to respawn and you´re pretty much fucked. In Winback you can complete missions in a stealth way or go shooting everything so, you actually have a choice. I´m not saying that Winback is better than Metal Gear Solid, don´t get me wrong. I´m just saying that to have this variety of actions in gameplay makes the game more attractive for a wide range of players.

     But there´s a dark spot in Winback. The level design is boring. There are cool missions but in generally this game suffers from some problems that modern games also suffer like… Go straight… Kill some enemies… Go straight again…  Winback could be an awesome game if they put some more effort in level design or mission design itself, putting some real challenge pushing into exploring the environment looking for keys, new routes and stuff but no.

    This game is too linear compared, for example, to Metal Gear Solid, in which you have to think more, look for items and stuff. Here it´s just kill a bunch of enemies and proceed. Sometimes you have to look for an item but it´s easy to find and doesn´t really increase the level off challenge in this game. But as I sayed, this is the only black spot in Winback for me and the combat and boss battles are really cool. There are lots of weapons to choose and the handgun ammo is infinite so, you don´t have to save ammo, just worry about shoot bad guys, after all this is what matters in this game!

    Winback has 20 stages and in some of these stages you´ll play as other S.C.A.T. members so this make the experience fresh. A downside is that you´ll need a MEMORY PAK to save your game so if you don´t have one… Sorry, pal, you´re in real trouble here.

    Now let´s talk about… GRAPHICS…

    Man this game´s graphics are sweet! The character models are simply amazing, take a look in this guy over here!

    You can see cool details in they faces and stuff I know that their faces are actual textures but everything is very well done and detailed. They´re not like those awful blocky characters from Goldeneye. Sometimes I almost think that I´m playing some early Dreamcast game to be honest.

    But… The backgrounds are blend, with some boring textures and colors. I think that the N64 cartridge also collaborated for this, maybe they´re where out of space or something like that but at the end of the day Winback looks good.

    Sadly I can´t say the same about the sound department… Most part of the tunes are weak and boring, and there is NO VOICE ACTING AT ALL. I really think that this is very sad after all, Megaman 64 and Resident Evil 2 prove that the Nintendo 64 can handle voices with no problem so I didin´t get the problem… However gunshots and SFX in general are very good so at leat this will make you happy.

    Well that´s all about Winback Covert Operations for N64 a very good third person shooter/stealth game for n64 and also very overseen. So take my advice and go play this awesome game!

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    Forgotten Old Games – Terranigma 

    Howdy fellas! It’s time for another FORGOTTEN OLD GAME!
    I bring you this time a fantastic action-rpg. An adventure like no other. Unfortunately this game is very underrated and many people don’t even know it!
    It’s time for you to meet TERRANIGMA for the Nintendo SNES.

    Game Bio:
    Name: Terranigma /Tenchi Souzou
    Genre: Rpg/Action
    Release date:  1995 Japan – 1996 Europe and Australia
    Publisher: Enix/Nintendo


    As I’m really willing you people to play this game I’ll try not to spoil anything this time!
    You play as Ark, a young man who lives in a city called Crysta. He did something bad last day and now he’s getting scolded by the village Elder for being so imprudent, then sent out to apologize for what he did. Upon returning, Ark, taken by curiosity, does something that the Elder said nobody should ever do. Now, carrying the world on his shoulders, Ark must leave the village, going on the greatest journey of his life.

    The world map!

    Every good RPG starts at 'hometown'


    The graphics are very good, everything is well detailed and theres’s a lot of variety to the tiles. The main character, Ark as well as his attacks and combos have lots of animations. I just miss a “diagonal” animation, since Ark can walk and run towards diagonals.


    Another great point here, the music and sound effects are very good. I just find some of the songs to be kinda repetitive. Apart from that, it’s very pleasant.

    This is not as confusing as it appears to be!

    You can jump. AND ATTACK! This is magical!


    Here is probably the main reason people fled form this game before getting to really know it. The controls are good, Zelda-style. You don’t get ‘turns’ for  attacking, instead you’re free to move every screen and you can perform combo attacks and use items freely. The real problem is the game’s interface which a friend of mine stated as being “Player Unfriendly”. And it really is! It took me a while to figure out HOW to look, equip and use items. It’s not very intuitive, but if you give it some time you’ll get used to it.

    A brief list of the basic commands:
    D-Pad – Moves Ark/Navigates Menu
    Select – Opens Menu
    Start – Pauses Game
    B Button – Jumps/Cancel (menu)
    A Button – Action/Attacks/Confirm (menu)
    Y Button – Run
    X Button – Use equipped item

    Ark uses one of his spells! Burn, baby!


    To be honest, I didn’t had played this game until last week. A friend of mine said I HAD to play it, that it was one of the best RPGs ever. I confess I was a little skeptical at first. How come a game that no one seemed to know could be so good? A quick search revealed that the game never got released in the USA, which would explain a lot! I decided to play it. Almost gave up after just 2 hours of gameplay. It seemed the hype was in vain. But suddenly, something happened… and now I can’t stop playing it! Hahaha! Truly a great piece for our SNES.
    Well, I’ll leave you with a quick video from the opening and the start of the game!
    ‘Till next time!

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    Another bump in Nintendo’s road 

    Things don’t seem to be going too well for the japanese company. Of course, Wii and DS’s generations gave us the impression that almost everything was all fun and giggles to Nintendo; top seller in both with a big acceptance of their products and big fat profits.

    At the last E3 they shown off their next gen console, the Wii U which appeared to take the breath away from developers. However,  most people didn’t feel the same excitement as developers  and Nintendo’s shares dropped almost 8% just after the announcement. Yesterday the company released their quarterly financial results for the three months ending in June 2011 and again things didn’t look good at all with the company operating at a loss of 25.5 billion yen (about $325 million), its worst profit margin in 27 years. Also, net sales are down fifty percent from the same period last year, totaling just under 94 billion yen.

    If it was because of this profit drop or because Sony’s PSVita announce for the same $259.00 we can’t say for now, but also yesterday Nintendo announced a $80.oo cut at 3DS’s price, which is $249.90 and will be available for $169.90 next month. Analysts say that, sure, Sony pushed Nintendo in the reduction direction, however it wasn’t out of fear. “I would not call it desperation but more a very aggressive defensive action by the market leader to hold on to market position.”

    Never the less, all signs point that the company war going to sell the portable at a loss. Today, company’s president, Satoru Iwata, explained how the decrease was possible without making more losses: a major salary cut to all Nintendo high positions. That cut will be of 50% for Iwata, 30% for company directors and  20% for executives. All those bad news next to self-sacrifice announces makes everything too similar to a Dragon Ball Z episode so that’s how I’m ending this: Will Nintendo 3DS sell as expected? Will Iwata please both buyers and investors? Will Nintendo be able to win this console fight? Stay tuned to Game Comments to know how this fight unveils.

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