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  • Hay 11:20 pm on March 7, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Forgotten Old Games – The Flintstones 

    Hi! It’s been a while huh? I’m sorry for my absence. Lots of things happened, including me getting presented with a SEGA SATURN! Hell yeah! I’ll be posting reviews for this awesome console as well! Thanks to my friend Aline!
    Well let’s get to work huh? Today’s game is a platformer from the past (duh?). Straight from the prehistoric era, I present you: The Flintstones for the Sega Genesis!

    Released in 1993 by Taito this game is based on the famous Hanna Barbera cartoon show of the same name.
    While capturing the essence of the TV show, this game has some little flaws that makes the experience less enjoyable.

    Playing as Fred, I’d be surprised if the game followed any of the TV Show episodes, but this is not the case. You just do some tasks related to the other characters, like saving Pebbles who got herself lost or helping Wilma find her necklace. Sure not as thrilling as saving the world, but hey, helping friends counts too!

    This quest will avoid him from having to sleep on the couch tonight!

    In order to mimic a cartoonish style the game features colorful graphics, but while the characters appear as detailed as they could be, the background doesn’t. Most of the scenery is generic, specially the ground, which, apart from the bottomless pits, features nothing more than a straight, smooth and flat path. Sure those STEAM ROLLER looking cars did a good job!
    Another thing I should be mentioning is the poor enemy design, most of them are pretty generic, while some doesn’t make any sense at all. On one of the last levels you’ll be facing some enemies that resemble demons. Wtf? Stone age demons?

    Clear path ahead, except for that bottomless pit...

    He should have paid attention to that "downhill" sign...


    Most of the sound effects are simple. The average “Boing”, “Plop” and “Crash”. As for the songs, apart from being quite repetitive, they are ok.


    The average platform scheme, attack and jump. You can hold on to some cliff edges and give a more powerful attack by holding the attack button.
    The good thing is that you’ll be playing in lots of different levels, from the slow and frustrating water levels, to the not less frustrating “killer scrolling” ones!
    As for the game default controls:
    D-Pad: Moves Character
    A/C Button: Jumps
    B Button: Attacks, hold for increasing power (Makes Fred moves slower and not being able to hold on to cliffs)
    Start: Pauses the game

    Shark surfing! Like a boss!

    I hate water levels...

    ...and water rising levels as well!

    I’ve played lots of platform games, and I think this one has quite unresponsive controls. Which IMO is the major flaw of the game. The game itself is not hard, but the controls make sure you die a lot.

    You're gonna die...

    ...and die...

    ...and...whoa, close one!

    The game features 6 Stages divided in three levels. The levels are not separated, but often marked with a numbered sign. Each Stage has a boss you must defeat in order to proceed to the next level.
    At each level you’ll be finding a variety of items and power ups, including an invincible.
    A good game if you like The Flintstones TV show, but unfortunately not with a very good replay value, unless you like finishing on each difficulty level!
    I’ll finish by showing you a gameplay video. See you next time!


  • Danilo 10:04 pm on November 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Forgotten Old Games – The House of the Dead 2 

    Hi everyone, today is a god day to pop some zombie brains out! Today I’m gonna talk about The House of the Dead 2 for Arcade!

    Released in 1998, The House of the Dead 2 is a classic shooting game for Arcade that later was ported to Sega’s Dreamcast. I’d like to say that house of the Dead series is like Resident Evil meets Virtual Cop because well… basically House of the Dead is a “Halloween” version of Virtual Cop.

    Ok, first I’m going to talk about the plot. The House of the Dead 2’s plot is a direct sequel for the events of the first game. The story take place 2 years after the Curien Mansion incident. An organization called AMS is trying to prevent similar events to the Curien case. So they start an investigation of the Curien case, however the agent G has gone missing an his last known position was in Venice, Italy. Later there’s a report that a new zombie outbreak has started in the exactly same location.

    Agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart are dispatched along with Amy Crystal and Harry Harris to investigate. Well that’s it, House of the Dead 2 feature a B-MOVIE like story and I personally thinks that this is a good think.
    The House of the Dead 2 has the same game mechanics as it’s predecessor. You progress through a on-rails adventure shooting everything that pops in the screen. In order to hit the targets you’ll use  light gun, this light gun is pretty much the same used in virtual cop series and works perfectly. You shoot enemies with the trigger and reload your weapon shooting off-screen.

    The House of the Dead 2 is a rail based game however you can choose between different routes during stages but in the end they all will lead you to the same point. I think that The House of the Dead 2 is a very difficult game, it’s hard to beat the game without losing continues. It requires lots of practice and some strategies. Most part of the enemies are very strong, however they can be killed really fast if you shoot them in the head, so I recommend that you practice your aiming skills. Another stuff that I like to do in order to increase my performance in this game is reload my weapon blocking the light gun with my left hand instead of aiming off-screen. If you do this you can save a lot of precious time reloading your weapon and you’re gonna need it when facing lots of enemies at once.

    Speaking about hard enemies, every stage of The House of the Dead 2 features a tough boss. Bosses can be difficult to kill, however before every boss fight a book appears on-screen showing bosses weak spots, so don’t worry about knowing how to beat the bosses, the main problem is to be good enough.

    The House of the Dead 2 feature 6 levels and every level has a final boss.

    The graphics are nice, characters are very well modeled with sharp textures and details, maybe they could put some more accurate lighting effects but at the end of the day this game has some cool graphics. I like the way that you can put some holes in zombies and even blast they heads off, these gory effects are awesome.

    Sound is pretty decent with nice tunes and special effects however the voice actors are terrible, I think that this game features the WORST voice acting that I heard in my entire life. If you think that Deep Fear has bad voice actors it’s because you never played The House of the Dead 2 yet… They’re so ridiculous that sometimes it´s funny.

    You can check by yourself here:

    Well that´s all I have to say about The House of the Dead 2, it´s a nice on-rails shooter and my favorite one from The House of the Dead series.

  • Danilo 8:45 am on September 22, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Forgotten Old Games – ESWAT 

    Hi everyone it´s me again Danilo and today looks like a good day to kick some cyber criminals asses, after all today I´m gonna review ESWAT for Sega Genesis.

    ESWAT was originally released for arcade in 1989 and them in 1990 released for Sega Genesis. As an adaptation from the arcade ESWAT on Sega Genesis did a pretty good job and became very popular.

    The plot is the traditional 80’s cliche with a criminal organization called E.V.E. is trying to take over the city. You play as Duke Oda (WTF!?), a rookie officer who is designated to stop these thugs, and as you progress, Duke receive a power armor called “Ice Combat Suit” that allows him to fire plasma riffle and even use a jetpack.

    So, in the first levels you play without armor. As a common police officer you can jump, shoot and duck. ESWAT´s gameplay at least for me resembles a lot of Shinobi, the only difference, of course, is that you´re not a ninja… But you´re a guy in a power armor so we´re still winning don´t you think?! Ok, now, when you get the power armor, in the third level, you can use all your basic actions as a normal cop and switch between weapons and abilities.

    They are:

    Normal Shot/ Super Shot: You can fire your standard shot and if you get Super shot you´ll unlock a rapidly fire with more power.

    R.L. (Rocket Launcher): These rockets moves in a very weird way but are very useful.

    P.C. (Pulse Cannon): It works in a similar way as the megaman power buster, except that it charges when you hold your fire, so if you rapidly tap your attack button it will fire a small shot very similar to you normal shot but if you stop firing and wait the full charge you can perform a super plasma shot.

    Fire: This attack resembles a power bomb os something like that, it burns every enemy on-screen. It´s the most powerful attack the only downside is that doesn´t work on bosses and burn all your fuel (Burner).

    Jetpack: When you jump just press jump again to fly around the screen, you can also hover and the jetpack also burns fuel.

    During the stages, you can also collect some items that can replenish your health, items and your jetpack fuel.

    ESWAT features 8 stages and lots of bosses, is a tough game for tough guys with tough power armors, so stay prepared for some hard time trying to beat this game. Also, I consider ESWAT as a great game when you´re already played all Sega Genesis Shinobi games and needs more.

    Graphics are pretty good, even though they´re not good as the arcade version, I prefer Genesis’ version since has more darker visuals and a more deep cyberpunk feel. Sound effects and music are good too. One of the most memorable themes to me is the boss fights theme, just awesome.

    If you like Shinobi and like robots, you´ll problably like ESWAT, a pretty good action platform game for Sega Genesis!

    • Lex 10:26 am on September 22, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I remember seeing the empty box for this at my neighborhood video store when I was a kid. They never had it in. Will have to buy a copy for the retirement pile.

      • Andre 12:33 pm on November 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        You got the point about boss fights, it has a unique music and feel. The design of the enemies and the cybercop still great even almost 20 years later.

  • Danilo 8:36 pm on August 24, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Forgotten Old Games * Special – Sega Saturn Action Replay 4M Plus 

    Hi everyone! Today is a very special day! I´ve received an awesome package last week and in this package was… A brand new Sega Saturn Action Replay Cartridge!!!

    I was very excited so I decided to review it, after all it´s an important accessory that every Sega Saturn owner must have!

    First I´ll talk about Sega Saturn´s expansion cartridges.

    Some Sega Saturn owners probably have done this question “What is this cartridge port in my Sega Saturn!?” That port is in fact an expansion port for the Saturn and it has multiple functionalities.

    Memory Expansion Cartridges

    The Sega Saturn doesn´t has any kind of memory card like the Sony´s Playstation so all save date is stored in an internal battery. This battery has some vantage over the Playstation memory card, as you don´t need to buy it separately from the console and the access time is very fast. However, it do have some disadvantages too. This battery don´t have a large amount of space to store data and some Saturn games needs a large amount of space to store its save data. Nights into the Dreams is a good example, this game requires a large amount of space for its save data.  Another known problem is that when the battery becomes depleted you´ll lost all your save data. In order to fix those issues Sega made cartridges that can back up  data from the internal battery allowing players to simply backup old save data and delete it from the internal battery. This can be very useful to regain free space on Saturn internal battery.

    Ram Expansion Cartridges

    The Sega Saturn has 2MB of internal ram memory and many games, specially 2D fighting games from Arcade like Neo Geo and CPS2 boards, requires much more than that to run decently. So many Saturn games has the option of using RAM cartridges to enhance it´s performance drastically improving loading times, animation frames and even frame rate. Other games simply doesn´t run without the ram upgrade such as X-men vs Street Fighter. There was two types of cartridges, the 2MB and 4MB RAM ones. Thanks to those cartridges, the Sega Saturn was able to reproduce flawlessly most of the Arcade games from it´s time.

    Metal Slug works only if you have an 1MB cartridge

    Real Bout Fatal Fury Special works only with the 4MB cartridge

    Here you can check a list of Sega Saturn games that use some kind of RAM expansion. If you are still not fully convinced, you can see in this video the difference that the extra RAM can make in games that support it as an add-on.

    These where the two “official” functions of the Sega Saturn expansion port. However, Action Replay guys thought this duality wasn’t enough and did the ultimate Cartridge… The Action Replay 4M Plus!!!

    The Action Replay 4M Plus allow players to:

    • Backup save data from Sega Saturn internal battery.

    • Provide de 2-4MB RAM cartridge function.

    • Enable a list of cheat codes for every single game of Sega Saturn´s library, something very similar to the Playstation´s Game Shark.

    • Disables the region lock so NTSC-U, NTSC-J and even PAL games to be played on any Saturn!

    Are you having a hard time trying to play "Bug"?

    The only game that I couldn´t play on my Action Replay 4M Plus was “The King of Fighters 95” because that game needs a special ROM cartridge. This awesome piece of hardware is essential to anyone who has a Sega Saturn and it´s relativity cheap, I found one of those for 30 bucks on e-bay.

    So if you has a Sega Saturn and dosen´t have an Action Replay 4M Plus what are you waiting for!?

  • Danilo 11:08 pm on June 8, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Forgotten Old Games – Kid Chameleon 

    Hi everyone! This week we have a game that I consider very special, the first game that I´ve played on a Sega Genesis… Kid Chameleon, one of the greatest platform games on Sega Genesis!

    Kid Chameleon was released in 1992 by SEGA and became very popular along the kids of that time. It reminds me of those 80’s american adventure movies, a little like “The Last Starfighter” where a video game becomes reality. The plot is that a new arcade game called WildSide is released and finally arrives in a small town. Every single kid in town played it but something weird happened afterwards: all of them disappeared! The game’s final boss becomes their cybernetic prison and kidnaps every kid that tries to beat the game, except for a boy named Casey. Casey, the Kid Chameleon, who posesses the power to transform himself into a great variety of heroes, enters the game in order to defeat the evil boss and rescue the other kids.

    D-pad moves your character, A button RUN, A+START diamond powers, B jump and finally C use your transformation´s special power.

    Kid Chameleon plays pretty much like Super Mario Bros however your character can transform into different heroes depending of what item you collect. For example you start the game as an ordinary kid them you get a helmet that transform you into an Iron Knight!

    Here´s a brief explanation about all forms of Kid Chameleon

    *Kid Chameleon – Casey´s original form, if you run out of hit points in any other form you´ll revert to this form that has only 2 hit points and finally if loose the rest you´ll die. In this form you can climb edges and you can only kill an enemy if you jump over his head.

    *Iron Knight – The most durable of all forms. In this form you can climb walls and break some parts of the floor

    *Red Stealth – Can jump higher than any other form, can attack with a sword and break some parts of the floor with it.

    *Berzerker – The Berzerker form can perform a rush attack that´ll go through enemies and walls, a very powerful form.

    *Maniaxe – A form that resembles a lot Jason from Friday the 13th. In this form you can throw axes.

    *Juggernaut – In this form you´ll transform into a powerful tank.

    *Micromax – You´ll be turned into a fly that can stick in walls and fit in small places.

    *Eyeclops – Can reveal hidden itens and has a powerfull laser beam.

    *Skycutter – In this form you can move using a hoverboard, just like Marty Mcfly!

    *Cyclone – A superhero-like form that can fly spinning like a tornado.

    As you can see this game features a bunch of cool transformations that totally changes the way of how you´ll play through the levels.

    Speaking about levels, there are 103 levels, 32 special levels and no save at all… It´s a looong journey.

    Graphics are pretty decent, Kid Chameleon is from the first generation of Sega Genesis games so you can´t expect too much difference from the NES or Master System graphics. Music and sound is good too with lots of catchy tunes.

    Well that´s all I have to say about Kid Chameleon a really, really nice Sega Genesis game that became forgotten so give it a try and I guarantee that you´ll not regret it.

  • Thais 1:23 pm on February 17, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Altered Beast, , Crackdown, Ecco the Dolphin, Gain Ground, Golden Axe, sega, , SEGA Genesis Classic Collection Gold Edition, Shinobi III, Sonic the Hedgehog, Space Harrier II, Vectorman   

    Sega Genesis classics available for PC 

    photo by twilsie

    Remember Pandora and its ginormous list of emulators and classic games? Well, you don’t have to buy a Pandora anymore if the target of your desires was Sega Genesis’s classics. Sega announced today SEGA Genesis Classic Collection Gold Edition for the PC, a collection of 46 classic Genesis titles that will hit North American stores on March 15. According to Sega America Inc.,

    SEGA Genesis Classic Collection Gold Edition will have configuring keyboard support which provides a personalised gaming experience, as well as a multiplayer mode for a select number of titles. The save and load functionality included in all the games allows you to pick up and play all games at the exact point you left off.

    You can find the Amazon pre-order for 29,95. Some of the titles included in this collection are Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, Comix Zone, Ecco the Dolphin, Gain Ground, Shinobi III, Vectorman, Altered Beast, Crackdown, Space Harrier II.

    • Alexandre Silva 9:44 am on February 23, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Regardless of the great announcement, this photo of Sega CD makes me remember the old times, and how bizarre this beast was, attaching two “tumor-like” upgrades in a poor Sega Genesis =/ That was the biggest Sega’s failure in that time, IMO.

      • Thais 9:59 am on February 23, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Yeah, unfortunately it was… There was great games for the console, but all those “attaches” were really absurd!

    • CMC 11:16 pm on December 23, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Rejoice in Joy 32x brought at Christmas time 1994! We had Doom on a Console! and Virtua Fighter too! It was a time for fun. Little did we know just some 5 months later Sega would unleash the Saturn and game over for 32x.

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