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    Forgotten Old Games – Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems 

    Hello everyone. Welcome to another Forgotten Old Game!
    I’m sorry for my absense. I’ve been pretty busy lately and couldn’t even find time to play anything! But I’m back now, and ready to hit you with another blast from the past.
    Today I’m gonna tell you about a game from the Marvel universe. And no, it’s not a fighting game, but a 2d platformer with hints of beat-em-up for the SNES. I’m talking about Marvel Super Heroes – War of the gems!


    Released in 1996 by Capcom, one year after it’s arcade fighting counterpart, this game is also based on the same comic books series as the Arcade one, “The Infinity Gauntlet”. By acquiring the six Infinity Gems which controls Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality and Power and becoming a God, Thanos proceeds to exterminate half of the sentient beings in the universe, which includes most of the heroes, just because of his love for Death (the being, not because he likes to kill err…maybe he does). The remaining heroes(Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk and Wolverine) guided by Adam Warlock unites to battle against him, retrieve the Infinity Gems and undo all this crazyness.


     This game has good graphics, huge and well drawn backgrounds with lots of stuff and enemies on screen at the same time. The characters are also very detailed and the animation is good.

    The Stage Select screen

    The game music is just okay, nothing that really stands out. The same can be said about the sound effects.

    Plataform + Beat-em-up = Fun! The controls are simple, responsive and fast!
    Also for the game basics controls:

    D Pad: Moves Characters
    Y: Attacks
    B: Jumps

    Well drawn and animated scenarios!

    On the start screen you can choose if you want to start a new game, adjust options or enter a password. Yes, this game does not have a save option, instead it uses passwords to keep track of your progress.
    In the Options menu there isn’t really much to set. You can adjust the control setup and if you want Stereo or Monoaural sound.

    Choose wisely, some stages requires skills from specific heroes!

    This games works basically as any other 2d platformer, but as I said it’s kinda of a beat-em-up as well, allowing you to use special attacks of your heroes, and even combos! Don’t think it’ll be easy though, once you die, you lose that hero you’ve chosen and have to choose another one.  There are specific attacks for each hero, using simple sequences like  pressing Down, Forward and Y.

    This item lets you perform a special attack once if you already have one of the Infinity Gems.

    While looking for the gems on every stage, you’ll find lots of differents enemies and bosses. There are also items that recharge your health, allows you to use a special attack if you already have one of the Infinity Gems and even ressurrect a fallen hero.
    Equipping one of the Infinity Gems will give your character a special ability. They are:

    Time Gem: Hero moves 2 times faster.
    Space Gem: Gives the hero the double jump ability.
    Reality Gem: Shows hidden places/items.
    Soul Gem: Doubles HP.
    Power Gem: Doubles attack power.

    You’ll be visiting lots of places in your quest for the gems, at first you can choose one of the following stages: The Avengers Base, Boston Aquarium, Amazon, Alaska and Dr. Doom’s castle, but more places will show up as you progress trough the game.

    Marvel Super Heroes – War of the Gems is a real GEM for that time. It could be better if it had better songs, but otherwise it’s still a good game, and I truly recommend you to play this one! ‘Till next time!

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    Forgotten Old Games – HARD DRIVIN’ 

    Hello and welcome to another FOG!
    Today I’m not gonna bring you another hidden treasure from the golden era of gaming. Instead I’ll show you a bad port. Yeah, a bad driving simulator game, called HARD DRIVIN’ for the SEGA GENESIS.

    Released in  1991 by TENGEN this was originally an arcade game with 3D Polygon graphics. The reason why it got released for the Genesis? No idea!

    Straight from the manual:

    “Sure, driving a real high performance car can be quite a blast. But where can you go to do vertical loops, high-speed races and high flying jumps? In Hard Drivin’, that’s where! Hard Drivin’ is so real you’ll feel like you’re burning up the road in a high-powered car. Two tracks provide plenty of challenge – put the pedal to the metal on the Speed Track or get airborne on the radical Stunt Track! Jump a drawbridge! Do a 360 loop! The true 3D screen display will have you hanging on for dear life! If you lose it, you get to see an instant replay of your accident. Like the incredible arcade hit, this Hard Drivin’ is looking for a few hard drivers. No license – or cars – required!”

    Unfortunately these are all lies. The arcade game had it’s merit. But this horrible port is far away from all those promises.

    The first hint that shows you're playing a bad port...

    Graphics: Awful. I mean there’s plenty of good 2D racing games for the Genesis, this one features really bad ‘3D’ graphics running very slowly compared to the original arcade game.

    Slow game + Time attack = FAIL

    Sound: Not so different from the original (which wasn’t great by the way). But it’s not as bad as the graphics

    Gameplay: This is one of the main reasons why this game shouldn’t have been released for Genesis. The main reason you would play this game back then, was to get the feeling of driving a real car, which you could barely achieve by playing the original arcade. Even if Genesis had a Steering Wheel and Pedals it would still suck, because the controls lack response and precision. And since the game feels like you’re playing in slow motion, you’d have to steer slowly as well. Cool huh?
    There’s another thing I should mention, despite they having said the game features TWO TRACKS, you have only one, divided in two: Speed and Stunt.

    As for the default controls:
    D-Pad LEFT/RIGHT – Steers car
    D-Pad UP/DOWN – Gear change (manual mode only)
    A – Accelerate
    B – Brakes
    C – Clutch (hold and press UP or DOWN to change gears)

    It doesn't matter if you were hit on the back, your windshield will always get damaged.

    Just don't ask me...!


    But I’m gonna tell you something. I knew the game was terrible, but I played it quite a few times when I had a Genesis. The reason? THE REPLAYS! Everytime you crashed an instant replay starts, showing you from a far camera, what happened to your car. And seriously, I found that quite hillarious. I could spend hours, just crashing, watching the replays and laughing. Yeah I know, silly me…

    This is one game to keep very away from you. Unless for completeness of your collection, of course. A true “FORGOTTEN OLD GAME” with lots of reasons for that.
    And as always, a video for your delight. This time I’ll show you videos from both versions. See you next time!

    GENESIS Version:

    ARCADE Version:

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      I remember this game, I played many years ago on the Genesis, and some time later on the SNES. It was very difficult not to crash in the Stunt Track. I had a lot of fun watching my crash replays, especially when I fell on purpose in the middle of the looping.

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    Forgotten Old Games – James Bond 007 

    Hi. It’s me again, bringing you the old titles that we hold close to our hearts, specially when it’s a portable you could carry in your shirt pocket, like today’s game! We’re talking about James Bond 007 for the Nintendo Gameboy. Released in 1998, one year after the famous 007: Goldeneye for the N64 came out. It’s not a FPS of course, but a good action/adventure game for an awesome 8-bit console. The plot, straight from the manual, says: “An arms smuggling ring threatens to create a new world order. The peace and security of the entire planet is at stake. MI6 sent agent 008 into Turkey to dismantle the operation. Soon thereafter, all contact was lost with 008. M makes a decision to send their best agent, James Bond, to investigate the whereabouts of 008. As Bond carries out this latest order, he becomes entangled in his deadliest mission yet.”
    I’d say it’s an average secret agent story haha. But well let’s see how the game plays!

    You can have up to 3 save games.

    As you can see, just after pressing the start button, you’re presented with a game selection screen, where you can choose which of the 3 saves you want to use/start. At this screen you can erase and copy save games as well.

    If it wears a bamboo hat, it's a chinese!

    The first level is on china, and there you can see the basic game screen as well. Below the game screen there’s icons showing what you have equipped for button B, A and your  energy bar.

    The basic controls are:
    D-Pad – Moves character
    A/ B – Varies on what’s equipped
    Select – Opens Sub-screen
    Start – Opens Save Screen

    On the sub-screen you can assign equipments or actions to B and A buttons. The basic ones are  blocking and punching.
    The energy bar shows your character’s health. To heal, you must use med kits or bandages.

    In order to progress through stages, you’ll have to find some key items and solve misteries. You may have to talk to some people, defeat enemies, or search every corner of the stages to find them. So, if you’re stuck, be sure to talk to everyone and check everything.

    The graphics are simple. Despite being a 1998 game, you must remember that the Gameboy itself is a 1988 hardware! There wansn’t really much they could do about it.
    As for the songs, they’re repetitive, just like any 8-bit game. No I’m not saying 8-bit songs are bad, but some, like this game aren’t really catchy or even cool. So there’s not much to say about it.

    Once you get to the cassino, you can play 3 mini-games: Baccarat, Blackjack and Red Dog! They’re required to some missions, but you can play them for fun as well.
    That’s it for now. If you own a gameboy I’d recommend you try this one, it can keep you entertained for quite some time, specially if you, like me, love Blackjack haha!
    See you next time!


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    Forgotten Old Games – Undercover Cops 

    Hi there! Welcome to another FOG!
    Today we’re going to take a look at another beat ’em up game. This one is called Undercover Cops for the Nintendo SNES.

    Originally an arcade game, this game made it’s way to the SNES in 1995 by Varie in Japan, unfortunately the US release got cancelled!

    We’re at the 21st century (LOL, we really are). With the inability of ordinary police to contain
    the devastating increase in crime, the government sees no other option but to use unorthodox methods to combat crime. That’s where Zan, Rose and Matt, three citizens with knowledge in fighting and martial arts, are turned into undercover cops, and begins fight face-to-face with all kind of thugs.
    Yeah I know. The plot is now awesome. Indeed is pretty generic, but it’s okay.

    The graphics are good. It’s one of the best looking of it’s genre to the SNES in my opinion. The Arcade version have a crisper and more detailed look, but even so the SNES port delivers good and fluid movement.

    The soundtrack is good enough, with each song fitting well into every moment of the game. The sound effects and voices are really good too, not to mention they’re funny!

    If that's one of her attacks, I wanna be a bad guy...

    The gameplay is sweet, you’ll have no problem punching the crap of your enemies. As any other beat ’em up, not only they can use special moves (that drains your energy as well), they can also use lots of items you find through the stages. By the way, there’s something quite disturbing about this game: The recovery items! Seriuosly, they vary from a living chick, to hogs and slugs! And when you grab them, depending on who you’re controlling, for example: Matt, he yells “DELICIOUS”… Gross!

    The basic commands for the game are:
    D-Pad – Moves character around the screen
    B Button – Jumps
    Y Button – Normal attack
    X button – Nothing
    A Button – Special Attack (Drains a little of your energy if it hits)

    The enemies are dumb and slow, you manage to get rid of them in no time. The bosses are kinda easy as well, except for a few ones, and there is where a new flaw arrives. The game is too short, featuring only five stages! Undercover Cops is a good game nonetheless, it just had too many competition for that time.
    If you’re tired of beating Final Fight and Streets of Rage,  this might be a good one for you to try! See ya!



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    Forgotten Old Game – Robocop vs Terminator 

    Hello and welcome to another FORGOTTEN OLD GAME!
    I hope you fellas had an awesome holiday! We’re gonna start 2012 with some violence straight from the last century! It’s ROBOCOP vs TERMINATOR for the Sega Genesis!

    Released in 1994 by Virgin Interactive, this game features our favorite action movie characters against each other. For those who don’t know Robocop, he were once a Detroit City policeman called Murphy. After being tortured and almost killed by drug dealers, they somehow fused his consciousness and organic parts with a robotic body. I think I don’t need to explain Terminator, do I? Since they made a new movie not long ago…

    Just like the Robocop movie, this game has lots of violence and gore. When shoot, the enemies explode in a pulp of flesh and blood, which is very nice! The graphics are good, but the characters animation leaves to desire. Especially Robocop. I mean, he was really kind of stiff while moving, but in game he looks ridiculous. Some of the enemies are pretty generic as well.

    As for the gameplay. I’ll resume it using a few words. It’s Contra with worse gameplay and a health bar. In Contra you could precisely control where you wanted to shoot. You can’t exactly do the same here, and since Robocop’s hitbox is kinda huge, you’re gonna get hit…a lot…

    A funny fact. The health item is… baby food. It’s just like in the movie, where they had to fed him that so the organic parts could survive.

    The basic controls are:

    D-Pad – Moves Robocop, crouchs, climbs.
    A Button – Changes weapon
    B Button – Shoots
    C Button – Jumps

    Notice that the weapon inventory looks exactly like the one in Contra games. You can have 2 weapons, by pressing A, you switch between them. If you get another weapon, the one you’re not equipping will be replaced.

    Not the best soundtrack around, but they’re good action songs that goes well with the levels. When I was a kid I even managed to create dirty lyrics for some of them hahaha.

    Featuring 10 stages, you’ll go from the streets of Detroid to the heart of Skynet. As you progress through the game, as expected, it gets harder, with lots of enemies firing at you at the same time, which can be very frustrating, so save up as much lives as you can!

    Overall, Robocop vs Terminator is the kind of game you should play when you want lots of blood, fast action and some frustration. I didn’t try to finish it while writing this post, but I remember that when I was a kid I only managed to do so by using a 3rd party Turbo controller, which raised the firerate making Robocop’s handgun fire like a machinegun! Sweet good’n old hardware cheats :P


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    Forgotten Old Games – Daze Before Christmas 

    Since it’s almost Christmas, there should be no better time to talk about a game whose main character is Santa himself! Ladies and gentleman, this is DAZE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

    Developed by FUNCOM this game was released in 1994 for the Sega Genesis and some time later for the SNES.

    You can read the plot in form of a poem when you start the game, but I’ll resume it for you. The evil Louse the Mouse kidnapped Santa’s elfs, reindeers and presents. And now it’s up to Santa to kick some ass and retrieve what has been taken from him!

    Featuring 24 levels, this game can be considered fairly easy. Most of the stages are well detailed, but some are poor designed or too short.

    If Santa drinks coffee...

    ...he turns into some sort of DEVIL-SANTA...what?

    The gameplay is pretty simple as well, as Santa, you can jump and throw magic to defeat your enemies. You must retrieve the presents and let free the elves. When you kill an enemy it could drop a blue present, which are used for the bonus stages. If you manage to get a cup of coffee then things gets weird and you become Anti Claus (a devil looking Santa Claus), which can..huh…beat the crap of enemies using his big sack… Yeah! Apart from that you become invincible as well, but other than hitting some big walls that blocks you way at some stages, it’s useless.

    Basic Commands:
    D-Pad – Moves Character
    A and C- Uses Magic/Hits with Sack(as Anti-Santa)
    B- Jumps

    These are some items that you will be finding in the game:

    PRESENTS – The presents you must retrieve. Some of them may contain enemies, bombs or hats.
    HAT – Energy/health
    FIRE POWER UP – Turns Santa’s magic to fire, making him able to melt ice.
    COFFEE – Turns Santa into Anti-Claus, making him invincible, but unable to open presents.
    BOMB – Found inside presents they harm you if you’re near then when they explode.
    BELL – Checkpoint. If you die, you’ll return to this point.
    STAR – Exit for some levels.
    EXTRA LIFE – Gives an extra life (duh)

    I'll not try to explain this one...

    The soundtrack isn’t really exciting…unless you get turned on while listening to Christmas remixes. Other than that, they fit the game really well.

    This game does not bring anything new, it’s pretty much a generig adventure/platformer, but it’s one of the few that features Santa as the main character. Back then it was really fun, as most of the kids loved this kind of game. Unfortunately I doubt any kid would try playing it nowadays. They’re pretty much playing the last blood-filled FPS at their modern consoles. But, i you’re really into Christmas and want to have some fun while playing a simple and decent adventure while feasting on some turkey, this is your game!

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